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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-08-19A Cognitive-Behavioral Exploration of the Psychological Impact of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey: A Reflexive Thematic AnalysisCasey, LJ; Bowman, SJ; Power, E; McAloon, J; Wootton, BM
2020-12-01A narrative review of the needs of children in foster and kinship care: Informing a research agendaKemmis-Riggs, J; McAloon, J
2021-07-01Assessing gender dysphoria: A systematic review of patient-reported outcome measures.Bowman, SJ; Casey, LJ; McAloon, J; Wootton, BM
2018-04-01A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Parental Perceptions of Childhood Separation Anxiety Disorder Symptoms and Likelihood to Seek HelpNguyen, SA; McAloon, J
2020-12Early Parenting Characteristics Associated with Internalizing Symptoms Across Seven Waves of the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.Kemmis-Riggs, J; Grove, R; McAloon, J; Berle, D
2017-12-01The effectiveness of unguided internet cognitive behavioural therapy for mixed anxiety and depressionMorgan, C; Mason, E; Newby, JM; Mahoney, AEJ; Hobbs, MJ; McAloon, J; Andrews, G
2021-05-14Evidence based, trauma informed/focused psychological treatment outcomes for women who have experienced and survived domestic violence: A scoping review.Baird, K; Fry, M; McAloon, J
2020-02Maternal distress, HPA activity, and antenatal interventions: A systematic review.Fassaie, S; McAloon, J
2019-03-01Mediating and moderating variables in the prediction of self-harm in young people: A systematic review of prospective longitudinal studiesAbdelraheem, M; McAloon, J; Shand, F
2020-01Mental health, minority stress, and the Australian Marriage Law postal survey: A longitudinal study.Casey, LJ; Wootton, BM; McAloon, J
2018-06-01Methodological Challenges to the Evaluation of Interventions for Foster/Kinship Carers and Children: A Systematic ReviewDickes, A; Kemmis-Riggs, J; McAloon, J
2020-11-22Potential mechanisms of change in cognitive behavioral therapy for childhood anxiety: A meta-analysis.Luo, A; McAloon, J
2019-02-02Preventative intervention for social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in toddlers and their families: A pilot studyMcAloon, J; Lazarou, KD
2018-03-01Program Components of Psychosocial Interventions in Foster and Kinship Care: A Systematic ReviewKemmis-Riggs, J; Dickes, A; McAloon, J
2019-06-15Psychosocial Interventions for Mental Illness among LGBTQIA Youth: A PRISMA-Based Systematic ReviewVan Der Pol-Harney, E; McAloon, J
2021-05-24The Cognitive-Behavioral Impact of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey: A Reflexive Thematic Analysis.Casey, LJ; Bowman, SJ; Power, E; McAloon, J; Wootton, BM
2021-02-07The Impact of Maternal HPA Activity on Postnatal Outcomes, A Narrative ReviewMcAloon, J; Fassaie, S
2020-08-05The Role of Comorbidity on Retention in HIV Care.Bulsara, SM; Wainberg, ML; Rogers, K; McAloon, J; Grove, R; Newton-John, TRO