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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-29Addressing Behavioral Barriers to COVID-19 Testing With Health Literacy-Sensitive eHealth Interventions: Results From 2 National Surveys and 2 Randomized Experiments.Bonner, C; Batcup, C; Cvejic, E; Ayre, J; Pickles, K; Copp, T; Cornell, S; Nickel, B; Dhahir, M; McCaffery, K
2022-06-20Adolescents' self-efficacy and digital health literacy: a cross-sectional mixed methods study.Taba, M; Allen, TB; Caldwell, PHY; Skinner, SR; Kang, M; McCaffery, K; Scott, KM
2018-11-01Barriers to correct child restraint use: A qualitative study of child restraint users and their needsHall, A; Ho, C; Keay, L; McCaffery, K; Hunter, K; Charlton, JL; Hayen, A; Bilston, L; Brown, J
2023-11-21Clinical Observation, Management and Function Of low back pain Relief Therapies (COMFORT): A cluster randomised controlled trial protocol.Abdel Shaheed, C; Ivers, R; Vizza, L; McLachlan, A; Kelly, PJ; Blyth, F; Stanaway, F; Clare, PJ; Thompson, R; Lung, T; Degenhardt, L; Reid, S; Martin, B; Wright, M; Osman, R; French, S; McCaffery, K; Campbell, G; Jenkins, H; Mathieson, S; Boogs, M; McMaugh, J; Bennett, C; Maher, C
2022Collateral positives of COVID-19 for culturally and linguistically diverse communities in Western Sydney, Australia.Cornell, S; Ayre, J; Mac, O; Kapoor, R; Pickles, K; Batcup, C; Dolan, H; Bonner, C; Cvejic, E; Mouwad, D; Zacharia, D; Tularic, U; Santalucia, Y; Chen, TT; Basic, G; McCaffery, K; Muscat, D
2019-10-01Complementary medicine products information-seeking by pregnant and breastfeeding women in AustraliaBarnes, LAJ; Barclay, L; McCaffery, K; Aslani, P
2018-07-31Complementary medicine products used in pregnancy and lactation and an examination of the information sources accessed pertaining to maternal health literacy: A systematic review of qualitative studiesBarnes, LAJ; Barclay, L; McCaffery, K; Aslani, P
2019-12Complementary medicine products: Information sources, perceived benefits and maternal health literacy.Barnes, LAJ; Barclay, L; McCaffery, K; Aslani, P
2023-07Complex intervention to promote human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine uptake in school settings: A cluster-randomized trial.Davies, C; Marshall, HS; Brotherton, JML; McCaffery, K; Kang, M; Macartney, K; Garland, SM; Kaldor, J; Zimet, G; Skinner, SR; Study Group,
2023-04-01COVID-19 messages targeting young people on social media: content analysis of Australian health authority posts.Taba, M; Ayre, J; Freeman, B; McCaffery, K; Bonner, C
2022-12-01COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Willingness: Cross-Sectional Survey in a Culturally Diverse Community in Sydney, AustraliaAyre, J; Muscat, DM; Mac, O; Batcup, C; Cvejic, E; Pickles, K; Dolan, H; Bonner, C; Mouwad, D; Zachariah, D; Turalic, U; Santalucia, Y; Chen, T; Vasic, G; McCaffery, K
2021-12-23Demographics, health literacy and health locus of control beliefs of Australian women who take complementary medicine products during pregnancy and breastfeeding: A cross-sectional, online, national survey.Barnes, LAJ; Rolfe, MI; Barclay, L; McCaffery, K; Aslani, P
2017-10Developing Verbal Health Literacy with Adult Learners Through Training in Shared Decision-Making.Muscat, DM; Shepherd, HL; Nutbeam, D; Morony, S; Smith, SK; Dhillon, HM; Trevenal, L; Hayen, A; Luxford, K; McCaffery, K
2021-11Effect of a School-Based Educational Intervention About the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine on Psychosocial Outcomes Among Adolescents: Analysis of Secondary Outcomes of a Cluster Randomized Trial.Davies, C; Marshall, HS; Zimet, G; McCaffery, K; Brotherton, JML; Kang, M; Garland, S; Kaldor, J; McGeechan, K; Skinner, SR; Study Group,
2023-02Embedding health literacy research and best practice within a socioeconomically and culturally diverse health service: A narrative case study and revised model of co-creation.Muscat, DM; Mouwad, D; McCaffery, K; Zachariah, D; Tunchon, L; Ayre, J; Nutbeam, D
2019-01-16Factors for Supporting Primary Care Physician Engagement With Patient Apps for Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management That Link to Primary Care: Interview Study.Ayre, J; Bonner, C; Bramwell, S; McClelland, S; Jayaballa, R; Maberly, G; McCaffery, K
2014-01-01General practitioners' use of absolute risk versus individual risk factors in cardiovascular disease prevention: An experimental studyJansen, J; Bonner, C; McKinn, S; Irwig, L; Glasziou, P; Doust, J; Teixeira-Pinto, A; Hayen, A; Turner, R; McCaffery, K
2013-10-07General practitioners' use of different cardiovascular risk assessment strategies: a qualitative studyBonner, C; Jansen, J; McKinn, S; Irwig, L; Doust, J; Glasziou, P; Hayen, A; McCaffery, K
2023-12Helping patient educators meet health literacy needs: End-user testing and iterative development of an innovative health literacy editing tool.Ayre, J; Muscat, DM; Mac, O; Bonner, C; Dunn, AG; Dalmazzo, J; Mouwad, D; McCaffery, K
2019-11-13Implications for GP endorsement of a diabetes app with patients from culturally diverse backgrounds: a qualitative study.Ayre, J; Bonner, C; Bramwell, S; McClelland, S; Jayaballa, R; Maberly, G; McCaffery, K