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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-31A cross-sectional study of walking, balance and upper limb assessment scales in people with cervical dystonia.Boyce, MJ; McCambridge, AB; Bradnam, LV; Canning, CG; Mahant, N; Chang, FCF; Fung, VSC; Verhagen, AP
2020-01-01Abstract spin in physiotherapy interventions using virtual reality or robotics: protocol for two Meta-research reviewsStubbs, PW; Mehta, P; Bryant, L; Pinto, RZ; Verhagen, AP; McCambridge, AB
2016-03-01Are ipsilateral motor evoked potentials subject to intracortical inhibition?McCambridge, AB; Stinear, JW; Byblow, WD
2023-10-13Botulinum toxin and conservative treatment strategies in people with cervical dystonia: an online survey.Boyce, MJ; McCambridge, AB; Bradnam, LV; Canning, CG; De Oliveira, CQ; Verhagen, AP
2023-08-14Can clinicians find conservative management protocols of anterior cruciate ligament injuries online? A systematic review.Verhagen, AP; Mehta, P; Hildenbrand, C; Pace, J; Nasser, A; McCambridge, AB
2023-04Can patients and clinicians find conservative management protocols of anterior cruciate ligament injuries online? A systematic reviewVerhagen, AP; Mehta, P; Hildenbrand, C; Pace, J; Nasser, A; McCambridge, AB
2021-05-13Can Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Enhance Poststroke Motor Recovery? Development of a Theoretical Patient-Tailored Model.Hordacre, B; McCambridge, AB; Ridding, MC; Bradnam, LV
2011-06-01Cathodal transcranial direct current stimulation of the primary motor cortex improves selective muscle activation in the ipsilateral armMcCambridge, AB; Bradnam, LV; Stinear, CM; Byblow, WD
2022-01Comparison between 2000 and 2018 on the reporting of statistical significance and clinical relevance in physiotherapy clinical trials in six major physiotherapy journals: a meta-research designVerhagen, A; Stubbs, PW; Mehta, P; Kennedy, D; Nasser, AM; Quel de Oliveira, C; Pate, JW; Skinner, IW; McCambridge, AB
2019-12-01Consensus Paper: Experimental Neurostimulation of the CerebellumMiterko, LN; Baker, KB; Beckinghausen, J; Bradnam, LV; Cheng, MY; Cooperrider, J; DeLong, MR; Gornati, SV; Hallett, M; Heck, DH; Hoebeek, FE; Kouzani, AZ; Kuo, SH; Louis, ED; Machado, A; Manto, M; McCambridge, AB; Nitsche, MA; Taib, NOB; Popa, T; Tanaka, M; Timmann, D; Steinberg, GK; Wang, EH; Wichmann, T; Xie, T; Sillitoe, RV
2021-01-01Cortical neurophysiology of primary isolated dystonia and non-dystonic adults: A meta-analysis.McCambridge, AB; Bradnam, LV
2014-06-01A dissociation between propriospinal facilitation and inhibition after bilateral transcranial direct current stimulationMcCambridge, AB; Stinear, JW; Byblow, WD
2021-03-31Externally validated model predicting gait independence after stroke showed fair performance and improved after updatingLangerak, AJ; McCambridge, AB; Stubbs, PW; Mortensen, J; Rogers, K; de Oliveira, CQ; Nielsen, JF; Verhagen, AP
2021-10Has Reporting on Physical Therapy Interventions Improved in 2 Decades? An Analysis of 140 Trials Reporting on 225 InterventionsMcCambridge, AB; Nasser, AM; Mehta, P; Stubbs, PW; Verhagen, AP
2015-03-01“I-wave” recruitment predicts response to tDCS in the upper limb, but only so farMcCambridge, AB; Stinear, JW; Byblow, WB
2021-03-17If we can’t see race and ethnicity in research, how will we see racial inequality?McCambridge, AB; Elkins, MR
2021-06-11Letter to the editor regarding "Does vitamin C supplementation improve rotator cuff healing? A preliminary study".Stubbs, PW; Verhagen, AP; McCambridge, AB
2020-01-31Letter to the Editor, “A randomized study of botulinum toxin versus botulinum toxin plus physical therapy for treatment of cervical dystonia"Boyce, MJ; Kennedy, DS; McCambridge, AB
2012-03-22Mirror symmetric bimanual movement priming can increase corticomotor excitability and enhance motor learningByblow, WD; Stinear, CM; Smith, MC; Bjerre, L; Flaskager, BK; McCambridge, AB
2018-09-07Motor control: structure & function of the nervous systemMcCambridge, AB; Hordacre, B; Lennon, S; Ramdhary, G; Verheyden, G