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2013-02-15The Anti-Migratory Effects of FKBPL and Its Peptide Derivative, AD-01: Regulation of CD44 and the Cytoskeletal PathwayYakkundi, A; McCallum, L; O'Kane, A; Dyer, H; Worthington, J; McKeen, HD; McClements, L; Elliott, C; McCarthy, HO; Hirst, DG; Robson, T
2019-12-01Association between Galectin-3 levels within central and peripheral venous blood, and adverse left ventricular remodelling after first acute myocardial infarctionAndrejic, OM; Vucic, RM; Pavlovic, M; McClements, L; Stokanovic, D; Jevtovic–Stoimenov, T; Nikolic, VN
2019-07-23Association of Nrf2, SOD2 and GPX1 polymorphisms with biomarkers of oxidative distress and survival in end-stage renal disease patientsJerotic, D; Matic, M; Suvakov, S; Vucicevic, K; Damjanovic, T; Savic-Radojevic, A; Pljesa-Ercegovac, M; Coric, V; Stefanovic, A; Ivanisevic, J; Jelic-Ivanovic, Z; McClements, L; Dimkovic, N; Simic, T
2017-11-01Elucidating the Pathogenesis of Pre-eclampsia Using In Vitro Models of Spiral Uterine Artery RemodellingMcNally, R; Alqudah, A; Obradovic, D; McClements, L
2020-04-14Emerging Therapeutic Potential of Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells in Preeclampsia.Suvakov, S; Richards, C; Nikolic, V; Simic, T; McGrath, K; Krasnodembskaya, A; McClements, L
2018-01-01Engaging hard-to-reach populations in research on health in pregnancy: the value of Boal’s simultaneous dramaturgySmyth, L; McClements, L; Murphy, P
2021-03-16Extracellular Vesicles from Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for the Treatment of Inflammation-Related ConditionsRyan, ST; Hosseini-Beheshti, E; Afrose, D; Ding, X; Xia, B; Grau, GE; Little, CB; McClements, L; Li, JJ
2019-04-11FKBPL and its peptide derivatives inhibit endocrine therapy resistant cancer stem cells and breast cancer metastasis by downregulating DLL4 and Notch4McClements, L; Annett, S; Yakkundi, A; O'Rourke, M; Valentine, A; Moustafa, N; Alqudah, A; Simões, BM; Furlong, F; Short, A; McIntosh, SA; McCarthy, HO; Clarke, RB; Robson, T
2015-01-01FKBPL is a critical antiangiogenic regulator of developmental and pathological angiogenesisYakkundi, A; Bennett, R; Hernández-Negrete, I; Delalande, JM; Hanna, M; Lyubomska, O; Arthur, K; Short, A; McKeen, H; Nelson, L; McCrudden, CM; McNally, R; McClements, L; McCarthy, HO; Burns, AJ; Bicknell, R; Kissenpfennig, A; Robson, T
2020-02-04FKBPL-based peptide, ALM201, targets angiogenesis and cancer stem cells in ovarian cancerAnnett, S; Moore, G; Short, A; Marshall, A; McCrudden, C; Yakkundi, A; Das, S; McCluggage, WG; Nelson, L; Harley, I; Moustafa, N; Kennedy, CJ; deFazio, A; Brand, A; Sharma, R; Brennan, D; O’Toole, S; O’Leary, J; Bates, M; O’Riain, C; O’Connor, D; Furlong, F; McCarthy, H; Kissenpfennig, A; McClements, L; Robson, T
2015-01-01FKBPL: A marker of good prognosis in breast cancerNelson, L; McKeen, HD; Marshall, A; Mulrane, L; Starczynski, J; Storr, SJ; Lanigan, F; Byrne, C; Arthur, K; Hegarty, S; Ali, AA; Furlong, F; McCarthy, HO; Ellis, IO; Green, AR; Rakha, E; Young, L; Kunkler, I; Thomas, J; Jack, W; Cameron, D; Jirström, K; Yakkundi, A; McClements, L; Martin, SG; Gallagher, WM; Dunn, J; Bartlett, J; O'Connor, D; Robson, T
2019-01-01Hypercapnic acidosis induces mitochondrial dysfunction and impairs the ability of mesenchymal stem cells to promote distal lung epithelial repairFergie, N; Todd, N; McClements, L; McAuley, D; O’Kane, C; Krasnodembskaya, A
2019-08-21An integrative biomedical informatics approach to elucidate the similarities between pre-eclampsia and hypertensionLopez-Campos, G; Bonner, E; McClements, L
2020-04-08Mechanisms of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction in the presence of diabetes mellitusLazar, S; Rayner, B; Lopez Campos, G; McGrath, K; McClements, L
2020-01Mechanisms of Key Innate Immune Cells in Early- and Late-Onset Preeclampsia.Aneman, I; Pienaar, D; Suvakov, S; Simic, TP; Garovic, VD; McClements, L
2020-04Overlapping pathogenic signalling pathways and biomarkers in preeclampsia and cardiovascular diseaseSuvakov, S; Bonner, E; Nikolic, V; Jerotic, D; Simic, TP; Garovic, VD; Lopez-Campos, G; McClements, L
2020-03-29Overlapping Pathogenic Signalling Pathways and Biomarkers in Preeclampsia and Cardiovascular DiseaseSuvakov, S; Bonner, E; Nikolic, V; Jerotic, D; Simic, TP; Garovic, VD; Lopez-Campos, G; McClements, L
2018-02-01Risk of pre-eclampsia in women taking metformin: a systematic review and meta-analysisAlqudah, A; McKinley, MC; McNally, R; Graham, U; Watson, CJ; Lyons, TJ; McClements, L
2019-09-13Service evaluation of diabetes management during pregnancy in a regional maternity hospital: Potential scope for increased self-management and remote patient monitoring through mHealth solutionsAlqudah, A; McMullan, P; Todd, A; O'Doherty, C; McVey, A; McConnell, M; O'Donoghue, J; Gallagher, J; Watson, CJ; McClements, L