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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Alteration of Cellular Function by Cancer-Associated PTEN Mutations.Hadaddi, N; McGowan, E; Nassif, N
2017-11-17The analysis of novel microRNA mimic sequences in cancer cells reveals lack of specificity in stem-loop RT-qPCR-based microRNA detectionWinata, P; Williams, M; McGowan, E; Nassif, N; Van Zandwijk, N; Reid, G
2018-12-03Anti-MUC1 CAR-T Cells combined with PD-1 Knockout Engineered T Cells for patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): A pilot study, ESMO Immuno-oncology conferenceChen, S; Lin, Y; Zhong, S; An, H; Lu, Y; Yin, M; Liang, W; McGowan, E
2017Cancer-associated PTEN mutations alter PTEN cellular function.Haddadi, N; McGowan, E; Nassif, N
2022Cell-penetrating peptides containing the progesterone receptor polyproline domain inhibits EGF signaling and cell proliferation in lung cancer cells.Kaewjanthong, P; Sooksai, S; Sasano, H; Hutvagner, G; Bajan, S; McGowan, E; Boonyaratanakornkit, V
2019-12-09Chemokine receptor CCR2b expressing anti-Tn-MUC1 CAR-T cells enhanced anti-breast cancer activityLin, Y; An, H; Yin, H; Chen, S; McGowan, E
2020-05-21Chinese herbal medicine Guilu Erxian Jiao attenuates bone marrow suppression following chemotherapy in patients with advanced lung cancerChen, Y; Chen, H; Li, Y; Chen, Z; Wu, Y; McGowan, E; Qu, X; Sun, B; Lin, Y
2021-06-30Clinical study of PD-1 disrupted anti-MUC1 CAR-T cells in patients with advanced oesophageal cancerChen, S; Lin, Y; Cui, Y; An, H; Zhou, C; Yin, H; McGowan, E
2015-11-25Detecting delivery of a microRNA drugWinata, P; McGowan, E; Nassif, N; Reid, G
2015-11-25Determining the Frequency and Involvment of PTEN Pseudogene (PTENP1) Expression in CancerHaddadi, N; McGowan, E; Nassif, N
2023-02-15Immunopotentiating Activity of Fucoidans and Relevance to Cancer Immunotherapy.Li, Y; McGowan, E; Chen, S; Santos, J; Yin, H; Lin, Y
2019-07-02Low level of CENP‐E promotes growth of hepatocellular carcinoma and is associated with adverse clinical featuresLin, Y; He, P; Hu, P; Chen, H; Chen, Y; McGowan, E
2019-07-01Low level of centromere-associated protein E promotes growth of hepatocellular carcinoma and is associated with adverse clinical featuresLin, Y; He, P; Hu, P; Chen, H; Chen, Y; McGowan, E
2022Metformin Alleviates Endometriosis and Potentiates Endometrial Receptivity via Decreasing VEGF and MMP9 and Increasing Leukemia Inhibitor Factor and HOXA10.Cheng, J; Li, C; Ying, Y; Lv, J; Qu, X; McGowan, E; Lin, Y; Zhu, X
2019-07A novel anti-tumorigenic mechanism by herbal extract saikosaponin-d through p-STAT3/C/EBPβ signaling suppression of COX-2 in liver cancer.Lin, Y; He, S; Li, Y; Chen, H; Zhu, X; McGowan, E
2021-07-01P-86 The importance of sphingosine kinase 1 isoform expression in the gut-liver axisChen, H; Lin, Y; Chen, Y; Chen, S; Nassif, N; McGowan, E
2020-01-01PD-1 disrupted CAR-T cells in the treatment of solid tumors: Promises and challengesMcGowan, E; Lin, Q; Ma, G; Yin, H; Chen, S; Lin, Y
2019-12-06Phase 1 clinical trial of PD-1 knockout anti-MUC1 CAR-T cells in the treatment of patients with non-small cell lung cancerLin, Y; Chen, S; Shupeng, Z; An, H; Yin, H; McGowan, E
2019-01-01Saikosaponin-D suppresses COX2 through p-STAT3/C/EBPβ signaling pathway in liver cancer: A novel mechanism of actionRen, M; McGowan, E; Li, Y; Zhu, X; Lu, X; Zhu, Z; Lin, Y; He, S
2021-06-30Seaweed Laminaria japonica peptides possess strong anti-liver cancer effectsChen, H; Wu, Y; Chen, Y; Li, Y; McGowan, E; Lin, Y