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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-06-23Advancing co-housing for seniorsRiedy, CJ; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M
2015Australia’s new aid paradigm and the natural resource curseMcKenna, K
2014-01-01Business and PeaceMcKenna, K
2017-06-23Cohousing for Seniors: Literature ReviewRiedy, CJ; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M
2015-08-08Corporate security practices and human rights in West PapuaMcKenna, K
2015-10-23Corporate Social Responsibility and Natural Resource ConflictMcKenna, K
2018-10-31Engagement on Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change AdaptationBoronyak, L; Jacobs, B; McKenna, K; Dem, F; Pommoh, K; Sui, S; Jimbudo, M
2020-01-01Engaging Communities and Government in Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Adaptation in Papua New GuineaJacobs, B; McKenna, K; Boronyak, L; Dem, F; Sui, S; Pomoh, K; Jimbudo, M; Maraia, H
2019-01-01Female contribution to grassroots innovation for climate change adaptation in BangladeshKhalil, MB; Jacobs, BC; McKenna, K; Kuruppu, N
2014Greed and Grievance or scales of justiceMcKenna, K
2019-04-03“It’s a Great Idea for Other People”: Cohousing as a Housing Option for Older AustraliansRiedy, C; Wynne, L; McKenna, K; Daly, M
2016-06-01Land of the Unexpected: Natural Resource Conflict and Peace Building in Papua New GuineaMcKenna, K
2008-06-01Learning how we learn: An ethnographic study in a neonatal intensive care unitHunter, CL; Spence, K; McKenna, K; Iedema, R
2015-12-01Mining and reconciliation: Negotiating the future of the Panguna mine in BougainvilleMcKenna, K
2015-12-01Operationalising the United Nations' 'Protect, respect and remedy' framework at the Porgera gold mineMcKenna, K
2017-12-19PNG’s role in facilitating climate change dialogueMcKenna, K; Pomoh, K; Boronyak, L; Jacobs, B
2019-01-31Status and implementation of the Bougainville Peace Agreement and implications for referendumMcKenna, K