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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Achieving academic engagement: Supporting academics to embed first year transition pedagogies in the curriculumEgea, K; McKenzie, J; Griffiths, N
2016-06-01All shapes and sizes: Engaging academics in reframing practiceGriffiths, N; Egea, KH; McKenzie, J
2017-03-04Demonstrating the impact of a distributed leadership approach in higher educationJones, S; Harvey, M; Hamilton, J; Bevacqua, J; Egea, K; McKenzie, J
2008-12-01Developing peer review of teaching in blended learning environments: Frameworks and challengesMcKenzie, J; Pelliccione, L; Parker, N
2017-07-28Distributed and collaborative: Experiences of local leadership of a first-year experience programMcKenzie, J; Egea, K
2011-02-01Evaluating doctoral supervision: Tensions in eliciting students' perspectivesLee, A; McKenzie, J
2014-01An evolving approach to developing academics understanding of transition for first year students. A Practice ReportEgea, K; Griffiths, N; McKenzie, J
2010-09-01Extending the principles of intensive writing to large macroeconomics classesDocherty, P; Tse, H; Forman, R; McKenzie, J
2015-06-12Facilitating whole-of-institution engagement in the first year experience through distributed leadership approachesMcKenzie, J; Egea, KH
2016-01-01Factors influencing reductions in smoking among Australian adolescentsDessaix, A; Maag, A; McKenzie, J; Currow, DC
2016-05-20Listening to student voices through scenario design: Aligning learning.futuresCrosby, AL; McKenzie, J
2012-07-01Reciprocal learning in partnership practice: An exploratory study of a home visiting program for mothers with depressionFowler, C; Dunston, R; Lee, A; Rossiter, C; McKenzie, J
2014-01-01Socio-economic status and students' experiences of technologies: Is there a digital divide?McKenzie, J; Pizzica, J; Gosper, M; Malfroy, J; Ashford-Rowe, K
2014-01-01Student use of technologies for learning â€" what has changed since 2010?Gosper, M; McKenzie, J; Pizzica, J; Malfroy, J; Ashford-Rowe, K
2013-01-01Students' experiences and expectations of technologies: An Australian study designed to inform planning and development decisionsGosper, M; Malfroy, J; McKenzie, J
2015-07-01Sustaining an institutional first year experience strategy: a distributed leadership approachMcKenzie, J; Egea, KH; Nelson, K; Field, R
2014-01-01Using research to inform learning technology practice and policy: A qualitative analysis of student perspectivesRussell, C; Malfroy, J; Gosper, M; McKenzie, J
2016Valuing student voices when exploring, creating and planning for the future of Australian higher educationBuzwell, S; Bates, G; McKenzie, J; Alexander, S; Williams, J; Farrugia, M; Crosby, AL