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2021-08Attitudes to Drug Use in Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Cross-Sectional Survey of Nurses and Care Staff.Lo, SY; Reeve, E; Page, AT; Zaidi, STR; Hilmer, SN; Etherton-Beer, C; McLachlan, A; Pont, L; Naganathan, V
2023-11-21Clinical Observation, Management and Function Of low back pain Relief Therapies (COMFORT): A cluster randomised controlled trial protocol.Abdel Shaheed, C; Ivers, R; Vizza, L; McLachlan, A; Kelly, PJ; Blyth, F; Stanaway, F; Clare, PJ; Thompson, R; Lung, T; Degenhardt, L; Reid, S; Martin, B; Wright, M; Osman, R; French, S; McCaffery, K; Campbell, G; Jenkins, H; Mathieson, S; Boogs, M; McMaugh, J; Bennett, C; Maher, C
2017-10-01Effectiveness of an electronic patient-centred self-management tool for gout sufferers: A cluster randomised controlled trail protocolDay, RO; Frensham, LJ; Nguyen, AD; Baysari, MT; Aung, E; Lau, AYS; Zwar, N; Reath, J; Laba, T; Li, L; McLachlan, A; Runciman, WB; Buchbinder, R; Clay-Williams, R; Coiera, E; Braithwaite, J; McNeil, HP; Hunter, DJ; Pile, KJ; Portek, I; Williams, KM; Westbrook, JI
2023-10-29General practitioners' decision-making process to prescribe pain medicines for low back pain: a qualitative study.Ferreira, GE; Zadro, J; Jones, C; Ayre, J; Lin, C; Richards, B; Needs, C; Abdel Shaheed, C; McLachlan, A; Day, RO; Maher, C
2023-02-21Lidocaine for Neuropathic Cancer Pain (LiCPain): study protocol for a mixed-methods pilot study.Lee, J; Currow, D; Lovell, M; Phillips, JL; McLachlan, A; Ritchie, M; Brown, L; Fazekas, B; Aggarwal, R; Seah, D; Sheehan, C; Chye, R; Noble, B; McCaffrey, N; Aggarwal, G; George, R; Kow, M; Ayoub, C; Linton, A; Sanderson, C; Mittal, D; Rao, A; Prael, G; Urban, K; Vandersman, P; Agar, M