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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01Allele frequency data for 15 autosomal STR loci in eight Indonesian subpopulations.Venables, SJ; Daniel, R; Sarre, SD; Soedarsono, N; Sudoyo, H; Suryadi, H; van Oorschot, RAH; Walsh, SJ; Widodo, PT; McNevin, D
2001-01-01Alternative analysis of BOD removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlands employing Monod kineticsMitchell, C; McNevin, D
2022An in-field evaluation of rapid DNA instruments for disaster victim identification.Watherston, J; Watson, J; Bruce, D; Ueland, M; McNevin, D; Ward, J
2019-11-01Ancestry informative markers (AIMs) for Korean and other East Asian and South East Asian populationsJung, JY; Kang, PW; Kim, E; Chacon, D; Beck, D; McNevin, D
2018-11-01Assessment of the Precision ID Ancestry panelAl-Asfi, M; McNevin, D; Mehta, B; Power, D; Gahan, ME; Daniel, R
2019-07-29Automating direct-to-PCR for disaster victim identificationWatherston, J; Bruce, D; Ward, J; Gahan, ME; McNevin, D
2019-02-01Bacillus species at the Canberra Airport: A comparison of real-time polymerase chain reaction and massively parallel sequencing for identificationGahan, ME; Bowman, S; Chevalier, R; Rossi, R; Nelson, M; Roffey, P; Xu, B; Power, D; McNevin, D
2018-11-01Bayesian interpretation of discrete class characteristicsMcNevin, D
2017-03-01Characterization of Yersinia species by protein profiling using automated microfluidic capillary electrophoresisBennett, VM; McNevin, D; Roffey, P; Gahan, ME
2019-07-01Commentary on: Bright et al. (2018) Internal validation of STRmix™ – a multi laboratory response to PCAST, Forensic Science International: Genetics, 34: 11–24McNevin, D; Wright, K; Chaseling, J; Barash, M
2016-04Common Genetic Variants Influence Whorls in Fingerprint Patterns.Ho, YYW; Evans, DM; Montgomery, GW; Henders, AK; Kemp, JP; Timpson, NJ; St Pourcain, B; Heath, AC; Madden, PAF; Loesch, DZ; McNevin, D; Daniel, R; Davey-Smith, G; Martin, NG; Medland, SE
2020-10Comparison of Genome-Wide Association Scans for Quantitative and Observational Measures of Human Hair Curvature.Ho, YYW; Mina-Vargas, A; Zhu, G; Brims, M; McNevin, D; Montgomery, GW; Martin, NG; Medland, SE; Painter, JN
2022-06-01Comparison of the performance of metal oxide and conducting polymer electronic noses for detection of aflatoxin using artificially contaminated maizeMachungo, C; Berna, AZ; McNevin, D; Wang, R; Trowell, S
2018-11-01Current and emerging tools for the recovery of genetic information from post mortem samples: New directions for disaster victim identificationWatherston, J; McNevin, D; Gahan, ME; Bruce, D; Ward, J
2020-07-12Degradation of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA after γ-irradiation and its effect on forensic genotyping.Goodwin, C; Wotherspoon, A; Gahan, ME; McNevin, D
2016-05Direct-to-PCR tissue preservation for DNA profiling.Sorensen, A; Berry, C; Bruce, D; Gahan, ME; Hughes-Stamm, S; McNevin, D
2018-11-01Dog breed affiliation with a forensically validated canine STR setBerger, B; Berger, C; Heinrich, J; Niederstätter, H; Hecht, W; Hellmann, A; Rohleder, U; Schleenbecker, U; Morf, N; Freire-Aradas, A; McNevin, D; Phillips, C; Parson, W
2016-01-01Effects of plant dyes, watercolors and acrylic paints on the colorfastness of Japanese tissue papersSoleymani, S; Ireland, T; McNevin, D
2021-10-21Efficient DNA Profiling Protocols for Disaster Victim IdentificationWatherston, J; Watson, J; Bruce, D; Ward, J; McNevin, D
2022-05-26Empirical Evidence on Enhanced Mutation Rates of 19 RM-YSTRs for Differentiating Paternal Lineages.Javed, F; Shafique, M; McNevin, D; Javed, MU; Shehzadi, A; Shahid, AA