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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11-01A Unified Inferring Framework of Multiplex Epidemic Networks Under Multiple Interlayer Interaction ModesLiu, J; Mei, G; Wu, X; Xia, Y
2023-10Attentive Multimodal Fusion for Optical and Scene FlowZhou, Y; Mei, G; Wang, Y; Poiesi, F; Wan, Y
2023-09-01Cross-source point cloud registration: Challenges, progress and prospectsHuang, X; Mei, G; Zhang, J
2022-11-28Data Augmentation-free Unsupervised Learning for 3D Point Cloud UnderstandingMei, G; Saltori, C; Poiesi, F; Zhang, J; Ricci, E; Sebe, N; Wu, Q
2020-01-01Feature-Metric Registration: A Fast Semi-Supervised Approach for Robust Point Cloud Registration without CorrespondencesHuang, X; Mei, G; Zhang, J
2023-12-13Graph Matching Optimization Network for Point Cloud RegistrationWu, Q; Shen, Y; Jiang, H; Mei, G; Ding, Y; Luo, L; Xie, J; Yang, J
2022-01-01Overlap-Guided Coarse-to-Fine Correspondence Prediction for Point Cloud RegistrationMei, G; Huang, X; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2023-01-01Overlap-guided Gaussian Mixture Models for Point Cloud RegistrationMei, G; Poiesi, F; Saltori, C; Zhang, J; Ricci, E; Sebe, N
2022-10-16Partial Point Cloud Registration Via Soft SegmentationMei, G; Huang, X; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2021-12-23Point Cloud Registration with Self-supervised Feature Learning and Beam SearchMei, G
2022-11-01Robust real-world point cloud registration by inlier detectionHuang, X; Wang, Y; Li, S; Mei, G; Xu, Z; Wang, Y; Zhang, J; Bennamoun, M
2015-05-12Sequencing of allotetraploid cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L. acc. TM-1) provides a resource for fiber improvementZhang, T; Hu, Y; Jiang, W; Fang, L; Guan, X; Chen, J; Zhang, J; Saski, CA; Scheffler, BE; Stelly, DM; Hulse-Kemp, AM; Wan, Q; Liu, B; Liu, C; Wang, S; Pan, M; Wang, Y; Wang, D; Ye, W; Chang, L; Zhang, W; Song, Q; Kirkbride, RC; Chen, X; Dennis, E; Llewellyn, DJ; Peterson, DG; Thaxton, P; Jones, DC; Wang, Q; Xu, X; Zhang, H; Wu, H; Zhou, L; Mei, G; Chen, S; Tian, Y; Xiang, D; Li, X; Ding, J; Zuo, Q; Tao, L; Liu, Y; Li, J; Lin, Y; Hui, Y; Cao, Z; Cai, C; Zhu, X; Jiang, Z; Zhou, B; Guo, W; Li, R; Chen, ZJ
2023-01-01Unsupervised Deep Probabilistic Approach for Partial Point Cloud RegistrationMei, G; Tang, H; Huang, X; Wang, W; Liu, J; Zhang, J; Van Gool, L; Wu, Q
2022-10-16Unsupervised Point Cloud Pre-Training Via Contrasting and ClusteringMei, G; Huang, X; Liu, J; Zhang, J; Wu, Q
2024-01-01Unsupervised Point Cloud Representation Learning by Clustering and Neural RenderingMei, G; Saltori, C; Ricci, E; Sebe, N; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Poiesi, F