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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Call for transparency of COVID-19 models.Barton, CM; Alberti, M; Ames, D; Atkinson, J-A; Bales, J; Burke, E; Chen, M; Diallo, SY; Earn, DJD; Fath, B; Feng, Z; Gibbons, C; Hammond, R; Heffernan, J; Houser, H; Hovmand, PS; Kopainsky, B; Mabry, PL; Mair, C; Meier, P; Niles, R; Nosek, B; Osgood, N; Pierce, S; Polhill, JG; Prosser, L; Robinson, E; Rosenzweig, C; Sankaran, S; Stange, K; Tucker, G
2020-01-01Co-creation of knowledge using mobile technologies and digital media as pedagogical devices in undergraduate STEM educationReyna, J; Meier, P
2017-08-01Development of a Novel Questionnaire for the Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern Diagnosis of StressZheng, S; Kim, C; Meier, P; Sibbritt, D; Zaslawski, C
2018-01-01The Effects of Twelve Weeks of Tai Chi Practice on Anxiety in Stressed But Healthy People Compared to Exercise and Wait-List Groups–A Randomized Controlled TrialZheng, S; Kim, C; Lal, S; Meier, P; Sibbritt, D; Zaslawski, C
2016Enhancing engagement in flipped learning across undergraduate Science using the Flipped Teacher and Flipped Learner FrameworkDavila, YC; Reyna Zeballos, J; Huber, E; Meier, P
2017-12-01Exploring Self-Regulation in Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assignments in First Year Science Students.Reyna Zeballos, JL; Hanham, J; Meier, P; Vlachopoulos, P; Geronimo, F
2016-09-01Implementing Digital Media Presentations as Assessment Tools for Pharmacology StudentsReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P; Geronimo, F; Rodgers, K
2019-01-01Improving the undergraduate science experience through an evidence-based framework for design, implementation and evaluation of flipped learningDavila, YC; Huber, E; Reyna, J; Meier, P
2018-01-01The Internet explosion, digital media principles and implications to communicate effectively in the digital spaceReyna, J; Hanham, J; Meier, P
2021-01-01‘I’m not alone’: outcomes of a faculty-wide initiative for co-creating inclusive science curricula through student–staff partnershipMercer-Mapstone, L; Banas, K; Davila, Y; Huston, W; Meier, P; Mekonnen, B
2018-12-01Learner-generated digital media (LGDM) as an assessment tool in tertiary science education: A review of literatureReyna, J; Meier, P
2017-01-01LEARNER-GENERATED DIGITAL MEDIA (LGDM) FRAMEWORKReyna, J; Meier, P; Hanham, J; Vlachopoulos, P; Rodgers, K
2016-11-06Learning to Surf: Explaining the Flipped Classroom (FC) to Science Students Using an AnalogyReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P
2017-12-10Learning workflow using learner-generated digital media (LGDM) assignments.Reyna Zeballos, JL; Hanham, J; Meier, P
2017-10-30Moxibustion in Australia: a clinical audit of moxibustion use in a University outpatient Chinese medicine clinicMeier, P; Elsdon, D; Garvey, M; Li, WH; Loyeung, YK; Michaeil, C; Morgan, N; Walsh, S; Zheng, S; Zaslawski, C
2018-01-11A Practical Model for Implementing Digital Media Assessments in Tertiary Science EducationReyna Zeballos, JL; Meier, P
2019-03-31Self-Regulation Processes in Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assignments.Reyna Zeballos, J; Meier, P
2019-01-01A Systematic Approach to Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Learner-Generated Digital Media (LGDM) Assignments and Its Effect on Self-regulation in Tertiary Science EducationReyna, J; Hanham, J; Vlachopoulos, P; Meier, P
2017-11-01A taxonomy of digital media types for Learner-Generated Digital Media assignmentsReyna, J; Hanham, J; Meier, P