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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-01A Decade of Design-led Sustainability Projects at Western SydneyMellick Lopes, A; Allen, J
2021-11-11A parent and child talk about the weatherMellick Lopes, A; Crabtree-Hayes, L; Hamilton, JM; Reid, S; van Gelder, P; Neimanis, A
2022-01-01Action 26 Create Cool CommonsMellick Lopes, A; Arora, V; Cairns, S; Tunas, D
2021-08-01Cooling the Commons websiteMellick Lopes, A; Healy, S; Gibson, K; Armstrong, H; Power, E; Tonkinwise, C; Crabtree-Hayes, L
2017-01-01Creating knowledge: visual communication design research in transdisciplinary projectsWilliams, J; Fam, D; Mellick Lopes, A; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
2021Cultivating the Habits of CoolthMellick Lopes, A; Healy, S; Bennett, T; Dibley, B; Hawkins, G; Noble, G
2015-08-17Design and social practice theory: A promising dialogue for sustainable livingMellick Lopes, A; Gill, A; Fam, D; Fam, DM; Lopes Mellick, A; Gill, A
2017Making time : food preservation and ontological designMellick Lopes, A; Zettel, T
2017Ontological Design as an Ecological PracticeMellick Lopes, A
2023-08-29Postcapitalist composting: reverse logistics and organic waste, designing for diverse livelihoodsMellick Lopes, A; Healy, S
2021-03-01Re-pair: An Open Project for Cultures and Economies of Repair in Western SydneyGill, A; Mellick Lopes, A; Sidoti, F
2016-08-29Re-ruralising the urban edge: lessons from Europe, USA & the global southArmstrong, H; Mellick Lopes, A
2024-01-01Relational Repair: Co-designing an Approach to Place-Based Circularity with an Ethic of CareKashyap, K; Svejkar, D; Tonkinwise, C; Kalantidou, E; Keulemans, G; Mellick Lopes, A; Rubenis, N; Gill, A
2021-05-04Right Research: Modelling Sustainable Research Practices in the AnthropoceneCohen, H; Sidoti, F; Gill, A; Mellick Lopes, A; Hatfield, M; Allen, J; Miya, C; Rossier, O; Rockwell, G
2021Tertiary institutions and transdisciplinary living labs as a safe space to fall and skin your kneesFam, D; Mellick Lopes, A; Mitchell, C; Fam, D; O'Rourke, M
2020The Transdisciplinary Living Lab Model (TDLL)Fam, D; Mellick Lopes, A; Ross, K; Crosby, A
2018-01-01Transdisciplinarity and the ‘living lab model’: Food waste management as a site for collaborative learningCrosby, A; Fam, D; Mellick Lopes, A