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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-06-01Complex event detection via event oriented dictionary learningYan, Y; Yang, Y; Shen, H; Meng, D; Liu, G; Hauptmann, A; Sebe, N
2014-01-01Decomposable nonlocal tensor dictionary learning for multispectral image denoisingPeng, Y; Meng, D; Xu, Z; Gao, C; Yang, Y; Zhang, B
2017-10-23A dual-network progressive approach to weakly supervised object detectionDong, X; Meng, D; Ma, F; Yang, Y
2012-01An empirical study of morphing on network traffic classificationQu, B; Zhang, Z; Guo, L; Zhu, X; Meng, D; NA
2015-06-01Event Oriented Dictionary Learning for Complex Event DetectionYan, Y; Yang, Y; Meng, D; Liu, G; Tong, W; Hauptmann, AG; Sebe, N
2015-10-13Fast and accurate content-based semantic search in 100M Internet VideosJiang, L; Yu, SI; Meng, D; Yang, Y; Mitamura, T; Hauptmann, AG
2019-07-01Few-Example Object Detection with Model CommunicationDong, X; Zheng, L; Ma, F; Yang, Y; Meng, D
2022-01-01Infrared Action Detection in the Dark via Cross-Stream Attention MechanismChen, X; Gao, C; Li, C; Yang, Y; Meng, D
2013-10-21Infrared patch-image model for small target detection in a single imageGao, C; Meng, D; Yang, Y; Wang, Y; Zhou, X; Hauptmann, AG
2014-01-01Interactive surveillance event detection through mid-level discriminative representationGao, C; Yang, Y; Liu, G; Meng, D; Cai, Y; Xu, S; Tong, W; Shen, H; Hauptmann, AG
2021-01-01Nursing students' perceived value of the work environment: A discrete choice experiment.Meng, D; Xu, G; He, L; Zhang, M; Padula, WV; Davidson, PM
2021-05Perceived unmet needs for community-based long-term care services among urban older adults: A cross sectional study.Meng, D; Xu, G; Davidson, PM
2017-01-01Self-paced co-trainingMa, F; Meng, D; Xie, Q; Li, Z; Dong, X
2020-04-01Self-paced multi-view co-trainingMa, F; Meng, D; Dong, X; Yang, Y
2016-06-17Strategies for Searching Video Content with Text Queries or Video ExamplesYu, S-I; Yang, Y; Xu, Z; Xu, S; Meng, D; Mao, Z; Ma, Z; Lin, M; Li, X; Li, H; Lan, Z; Jiang, L; Hauptmann, AG; Gan, C; Du, X; Chang, X
2016-01-01Strategies for searching video content with text queries or video examplesYu, SI; Xu, S; Ma, Z; Li, H; Hauptmann, AG; Chang, X; Yang, Y; Meng, D; Lin, M; Lan, Z; Gan, C; Xu, Z; Mao, Z; Li, X; Jiang, L; Du, X
2014-01-01Unsupervised video adaptation for parsing human motionShen, H; Yu, SI; Yang, Y; Meng, D; Hauptmann, A