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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jan-2012Analyses and implications of accidents in singapore straitQu, X; Meng, Q; Li, S
1-Jan-2013Bus dwell time estimation at bus bays: A probabilistic approachMeng, Q; Qu, X
1-Jan-2018Cost-sensitive churn prediction in fund management servicesMeng, Q
24-May-2018Cost-sensitive Churn Prediction in Fund Management Services - Industrial TrackBrownlow, J; Chu, C; Fu, B; Xu, G; Culbert, B; Meng, Q
1-Dec-2012Determining the number of clusters in co-authorship networks using social network theoryMeng, Q; Kennedy, PJ
11-Dec-2013Discovering influential authors in heterogeneous academic networks by a co-ranking methodMeng, Q; Kennedy, PJ
1-Jan-2013Estimation of number of fatalities caused by toxic gases due to fire in road tunnelsQu, X; Meng, Q; Liu, Z
1-Sep-2012Estimation of rear-end vehicle crash frequencies in urban road tunnelsMeng, Q; Qu, X
2014Heterogeneous network analysis on academic collaboration networksMeng, Q
1-Jan-2015Insights from using a subject specific Facebook group for student engagement and learningGardner, A; Willey, K; Meng, Q
1-Jul-2014A note on hotspot identification for urban expresswaysQu, X; Meng, Q
30-Jun-2017Relational autoencoder for feature extractionMeng, Q; Catchpoole, D; Skillicom, D; Kennedy, PJ
31-Oct-2016Training deep neural networks on imbalanced data setsWang, S; Liu, W; Wu, J; Cao, L; Meng, Q; Kennedy, PJ
8-May-2012Uncertainty propagation in quantitative risk assessment modeling for fire in road tunnelsMeng, Q; Qu, X
1-Dec-2012Using field of research codes to discover research groups from co-authorship networksMeng, Q; Kennedy, PJ
1-Jan-2012Using network evolution theory and singular value decomposition method to improve accuracy of link prediction in social networksMeng, Q; Kennedy, PJ