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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-09-01Asset price regulators, unite: You have the macroeconomy to win and the microeconomic losses are smallMenzies, G; Bird, R; Dixon, PB; Rimmer, MT
2023-01-01Creating a new sovereign debt reconstruction mechanism: why incentives, risk sharing, and CACs will all matterMenzies, G; Vines, D
2020-02-01Developing sustainability learning in business school curricula–productive boundary objects and participatory processesEdwards, M; Brown, P; Benn, S; Bajada, C; Perey, R; Cotton, D; Jarvis, W; Menzies, G; McGregor, I; Waite, K
2011-07-01The economic costs of US stock mispricingBird, R; Menzies, G; Dixon, P; Rimmer, M
2016-12-01In Praise of (Some) Red Tape: A New Approach to RegulationMenzies, G; Dixon, P; Rimmer, M
2015-09-09Is the Model of Human Nature in Economics Fundamentally Flawed? Seeking a Better Model of Economic BehaviorHay, D; Menzies, G
2004-12-01Money to burn, or melt? A cost-benefit analysis of Australian polymer banknotesMenzies, G
2019-12-01Restoring Trust in Finance: From Principal–Agent to Principled AgentMenzies, G; Hay, D; Simpson, T; Vines, D
2016-07-01Rural-led exchange rate appreciation in ChinaMenzies, G; Xiao, SX; Dixon, P; Peng, X; Rimmer, M
2012-06-01Self and NeighboursMenzies, G; Hay, D
2015-12-01Stop the Boats: Do the Ends Justify the Means?Menzies, G
2008-01-01The transfer problem and real exchange rate overshooting in financial crises: The role of the debt servicing multiplierMenzies, G; Vines, D