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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-May-2018Company-community dialogue builds relationships, fairness, and trust leading to social acceptance of Australian mining developmentsMercer-Mapstone, L; Rifkin, W; Louis, WR; Moffat, K
20-Oct-2018A dialogue between partnership and feminism: Deconstructing power and exclusion in higher educationMercer-Mapstone, L; Mercer, G
3-Jul-2019Enhancing outcomes and reducing inhibitors to the engagement of students and staff in learning and teaching partnerships: implications for academic developmentMatthews, KE; Mercer-Mapstone, L; Dvorakova, SL; Acai, A; Cook-Sather, A; Felten, P; Healey, M; Healey, RL; Marquis, E
2018The ‘Partnership Identity’ in Higher Education: Moving From ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ to ‘We’ in Student-Staff PartnershipMercer-Mapstone, L; Marquis, B; McConnell, C
1-Jun-2019Power, participation, and exclusion through dialogue in the extractive industries: Who gets a seat at the table?Mercer-Mapstone, L; Rifkin, W; Louis, W; Moffat, K
18-Aug-2019Reflecting gendered experiences of student-staff partnership: a student standpoint using poetic transcriptionMercer-Mapstone, L; Guitman, R; Acai, A
3-Apr-2019Reimagining the place of students in academic developmentFelten, P; Abbot, S; Kirkwood, J; Long, A; Lubicz-Nawrocka, T; Mercer-Mapstone, L; Verwoord, R
23-Feb-2019Toward theories of partnership praxis: an analysis of interpretive framing in literature on students as partners in teaching and learningMatthews, KE; Cook-Sather, A; Acai, A; Dvorakova, SL; Felten, P; Marquis, E; Mercer-Mapstone, L