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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01A New Decision Making Method Using Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Cosine Similarity Measure Based on the Weighted Reduced Intuitionistic Fuzzy SetsVerma, R; Merigo, JM
2019-08-01A bibliometric analysis of technology management research at PICMET for 2009-2018Cetindamar, D; Kocaoglu, D; Lammers, T; Merigo, JM
2017-02-09A bibliometric analysis of the first thirty years of the International Journal of Intelligent SystemsMerigo, JM; Blanco-Mesa, F; Gil-Lafuente, AM; Yager, RR
2018-08-06A bibliometric analysis of venture capital researchCancino, CA; Merigo, JM; Torres, JP; Diaz, D
2021-01-01Business and management research in Latin America: A country-level bibliometric analysisCoronado, FC; Merigo, JM; Cancino, CA
2021-10-06Cloud Sentiment Accuracy Comparison using RNN, LSTM and GRURaza, MR; Hussain, W; Merigo, JM
2018-10-01Dynamics of stakeholder relations with multi-person aggregationBlanco-Mesa, F; Gil-Lafuente, AM; Merigo, JM
2017-01-01Forty years of computers and industrial engineering: A bibliometric analysisCancino, C; Merigo, JM; Coronado, F; Dessouky, Y; Dessouky, M
2016-01-01Fuzzy indicators for customer retentionValenzuela-Fernández, L; Nicolas, C; Gil-Lafuente, J; Merigo, JM
2021-02-02Fuzzy systems and applications in innovation and sustainabilityLeon-Castro, E; Blanco-Mesa, F; Alfaro-Garcia, V; Gil-Lafuente, AM; Merigo, JM
2021-12-01Fuzzy systems in innovation and sustainabilityLeon-Castro, E; Blanco-Mesa, F; Alfaro-Garcia, V; Gil-Lafuente, AM; Merigo, JM
2017-02-09Induced aggregation operators in the ordered weighted average sumMerigo, JM; Alrajeh, N; Peris-Ortiz, M
2017-02-09Induced generalized ordered weighted logarithmic aggregation operatorsAlfaro-Garcia, VG; Gil-Lafuente, AM; Merigo, JM
2019-01-01Integer programming modeling on group decision making with incomplete hesitant fuzzy linguistic preference relationsWu, P; Li, H; Merigo, JM; Zhou, L
2021-01-01Leading countries in computer science: A bibliometric overviewZurita, G; Merigo, JM; Lobos-Ossandon, V; Mulet-Forteza, C
2019-01-01Methodology and model-based DSS to managing the reallocation of inventory to orders in LHP situations. Application to the ceramics sectorOltra-Badenes, R; Gil-Gomez, H; Merigo, JM; Palacios-Marques, D
2018-08-20Outlining new product development research through bibliometrics: Analyzing journals, articles and researchersAndrade-Valbuena, NA; Merigo, JM
2019-03-04Overview of brand personality research with bibliometric indicatorsLlanos-Herrera, GR; Merigo, JM
2018-10-01Overview of the leading countries in marketing research between 1990 and 2014Valenzuela-Fernández, L; Nicolas, C; Merigo, JM
2018-01-01Sustainable tourism research towards twenty-five years of the journal of sustainable tourismMauleon-Mendez, E; Genovart-Balaguer, J; Merigo, JM; Mulet-Forteza, C