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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-10-01Bedside review of patient care in an emergency department: The Cow RoundRichmond, C; Merrick, E; Green, T; Dinh, M; Iedema, R
2010-03-01Codesigning as a discursive practice in emergency health services: The architecture of deliberationIedema, R; Merrick, E; Piper, D; Britton, K; Gray, J; Verma, R; Manning, N
2022-04-01Doing Case Study Research Collaboratively: The Benefits for ResearchersMcclunie-Trust, P; Jones, V; Winnington, R; Shannon, K; Donaldson, AE; Macdiarmid, R; Jarden, RJ; Turner, R; Merrick, E; Andersen, P
2012-04-01Expanding the role of practice nurses in AustraliaMerrick, E; Duffield, C; Baldwin, R; Fry, M; Stasa, AH
2009Handover - Enabling Learning in Communication for Safety (HELiCS): a report on achievements at two hospital sitesIedema, R; Merrick, E; Kerridge, R; Herkes, R; Lee, B; Anscombe, M; Rajbhandari, D; Lucey, M; White, L
2022-12-18High demand, high commitment work: What residential aged care staff actually do minute by minute: A participatory action study.Gibson, D; Willis, E; Merrick, E; Redley, B; Bail, K
2021-03-01Measuring psychological and physiological stress in emergency clinicians.Merrick, E; Busby Grant, J; Mckune, A; D'cunha, N; Murphy, E; Naumovski, N; Fry, M
2012-03-01Nursing in general practice: Organizational possibilities for decision latitude, created skill, social support and identity derived from roleMerrick, E; Duffield, C; Baldwin, R; Fry, M
2017-10-01Team structure, skill mix and clinical outcomesMerrick, E; Fry, M; Busby Grant, J