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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01-01An analysis of Australian exchange traded options and warrantsBertin, WJ; Fowler, P; Michayluk, D; Prather, L
2019-12-01Are all dividends created equal? Australian evidence using dividend-increase track recordsMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K; Walker, S
2010-01Are certain dividend increases predictable? The effect of repeated dividend increases on market returnsMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K; Walker, S; al, AAE
2007-07-01Are foreign issuers complying with Regulation Fair Disclosure?Mathew, PG; Michayluk, D; Kofman, P
2006-03-01Asymmetric volatility, correlation and returns dynamics between the U.S. and U.K. securitized real estate marketsMichayluk, D; Wilson, PJ; Zurbruegg, R
2017-10-01Automated liquidity provisionGerig, A; Michayluk, D
2018-11-01The curious case of changes in trading dynamics: When firms switch from NYSE to NASDAQDang, VA; Michayluk, D; Pham, TP
2006-03-01Day-end effect on the Paris BourseMichayluk, D; Sanger, GC
2011-01-01Demand and supply and their relationship to liquidity: Evidence from the S&P 500 change to free floatLam, D; Lin, BX; Michayluk, D
2021Differences in Ethical Perceptions of Insider TradingHambusch, G; Michayluk, D; Van de Venter, T; Terhaar, K
2019-12Dividend Consistency: Rewards, Learning, and ExpectationsMichayluk, D; Walker, S; Neuhauser, K
2023Does Random Auction Ending Curb Stock Price Manipulation?Lin, Y; Michayluk, D; Zou, M
2016The Effectiveness of Ethics Training on the Development of Moral Judgement in Finance StudentsKovacevic, A; Hambusch, G; Michayluk, D; Van de Venter, T
2013-01Financial risk tolerance: An analysis of unexplored factorsGibson, RJ; Michayluk, D; Van de Venter, G
2009-12-01French and U.S. trading of cross-listed stocks around the period of U.S. decimalization: Volume, spreads, and depth effectsLin, BX; Michayluk, D; Oppenheimer, HR; Sabherwal, S
2008-01-01Hubris amongst Japanese biddersLin, BX; Michayluk, D; Oppenheimer, HR; Reid, SF
2008-01-01An Insight into Overconfidence in the Forecasting Abilities of Financial AdvisorsVan de Venter, G; Michayluk, D
2005-04-01Intraday REIT liquidityBertin, W; Kofman, P; Michayluk, D; Prather, L
2006-06-01Investor overreaction during market declines: Evidence from the 1997 Asian financial crisisMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, KL
2008-01Is liquidity symmetric? A study of newly listed internet and technology stocksMichayluk, D; Neuhauser, K