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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Controls behind the scenes: On Position, Ideology, and ExpectationHarfield, S; Middleton, H
Jan-2012Design problems, satisficing solutions, and the designer as formalizing agent: Revisiting wicked problemsHarfield, S; Middleton, H
Jan-2006Facilitating successful transitions to university study for technology educators: evaluating a core undergraduate subject on communication and learningSaunderS, SD; Middleton, H
30-Nov-2016Identifying And Reducing Iteration Deficit In Product Design ProjectsNemme, A; Walden, RJ; Middleton, H
1-Sep-2003Learning from others at work: Communities of practice and informal learningBoud, D; Middleton, H
1-Dec-2016Managing Constraints in Design Projects to Encourage Making, Iterative Design and a Deeper Learning ExperiencePandolfo, B; Middleton, H
2016On the issue of abstraction in relation to educationHarfield, S; Middleton, H
Jan-2008A Strategy For Promoting The Use Of Collective Intelligence Within A Technology Education Context: A Case StudyKokotovich, V; Thompson, R; Middleton, H; Pavlova, M
Jan-2012Supporting Student Learning in Relation to Entrepreneurial Innovation in Self-initiated Industrial Design Major ProjectsWalden, RJ; Kokotovich, V; Middleton, H
30-Oct-2016Teaching and Learning Australian Indigenous KnowledgeHromek, MJ; Middleton, H
Jan-2012Technology clustering issues: Understanding problems in predictionKokotovich, V; Middleton, H
Jan-2008Theorising the Utility of Combining Frame Theory and Game Theory: Consequences for Design and Technology EducationKokotovich, V; Middleton, H; Pavlova, M