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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12-19Afterword: Tacit knowledge and affect- soft ethnography and shared domainsMiddleweek, B; Tulloch, J
2019Book review: Sex Robots: The Future of DesireMiddleweek, B
2017-04-01Deviant divas: Lindy Chamberlain and Schapelle Corby and the case for a new category of celebrity for criminally implicated womenMiddleweek, B
2017-05-04Dingo media? The persistence of the “trial by media” frame in popular, media, and academic evaluations of the Azaria Chamberlain caseMiddleweek, B
2021-04-30Feral Media? The Chamberlain case, 40 years onMiddleweek, B
2019-12-31In a pink ghetto: how female news workers define sex journalismMiddleweek, B; Joseph, S; Keeble, R
2021-06-29Insular Peninsularities: Geography, demography and local identity in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Sutherland ShireHayward, P; Middleweek, B; Fleury, C
-Male homosocial bonds and perceptions of human–robot relationships in an online sex doll forumMiddleweek, B
2019-01-01Pussy power not pity porn: Embodied protest in the #FacesOfProstitution Twitter networkMiddleweek, B
2017-01-01Real sex films: The new intimacy and risk in cinemaTulloch, J; Middleweek, B
2018-06-28Real Sex Films: The New Intimacy and Risk in CinemaMiddleweek, B; Tulloch, J
2019Talking of Terror: British Television Intellectuals and Bridging the Gap between Celebrity and Intellectual CultureTulloch, J; Middleweek, B; Huddy, WP; Marshall, A
2020-12-31Toward a Theorization of Student Journalism Collaboration in International CurriculaMiddleweek, B; Mutsvairo, B; Attard, M