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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08-01Core temperature responses to cold-water immersion recovery: A pooled-data analysisStephens, JM; Sharpe, K; Gore, C; Miller, J; Slater, GJ; Versey, N; Peiffer, J; Duffield, R; Minett, GM; Crampton, D; Dunne, A; Askew, CD; Halson, SL
2012-10-01Duration-dependant response of Mixed-method pre-cooling for intermittent-sprint exercise in the heatMinett, GM; Duffield, R; Marino, FE; Portus, M
2013-01-01The effect of overnight sleep deprivation after competitive rugby league matches on postmatch physiological and perceptual recoverySkein, M; Duffield, R; Minett, GM; Snape, A; Murphy, A
2013-05-01The effect of post-match alcohol ingestion on recovery from competitive rugby league matchesMurphy, AP; Snape, AE; Minett, GM; Skein, M; Duffield, R
2012-09-01Effects of mixed-method cooling on recovery of medium-fast bowling performance in hot conditions on consecutive daysMinett, GM; Duffield, R; Kellett, A; Portus, M
2014-01-01Is recovery driven by central or peripheral factors? A role for the brain in recovery following intermittent-sprint exerciseMinett, GM; Duffield, R
2012-05-01Mixed-method pre-cooling reduces physiological demand without improving performance of medium-fast bowling in the heatMinett, GM; Duffield, R; Kellett, A; Portus, M
2022-01-01Peer Presence Increases Session Ratings of Perceived Exertion.Minett, GM; Fels-Camilleri, V; Bon, JJ; Impellizzeri, FM; Borg, DN
2013-06-01Physiological, perceptual, and technical responses to on-court tennis training on hard and clay courtsReid, MM; Duffield, R; Minett, GM; Sibte, N; Murphy, AP; Baker, J
2012-05-01Post-match changes in neuromuscular function and the relationship to match demands in amateur rugby league matchesDuffield, R; Murphy, A; Snape, A; Minett, GM; Skein, M
2011-01-01Volume-dependent response of precooling for intermittent-sprint exercise in the heatMinett, GM; Duffield, R; Marino, FE; Portus, M