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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-01A Quantitative Approach for Convergence Analysis of a Singularly Perturbed Inverter-Based MicrogridNayak, A; Rayguru, MM; Mishra, S; Hossain, MJ
2017A Tutorial on Hawkes Processes for Events in Social MediaRizoiu, M-A; Lee, Y; Mishra, S; Xie, L; Chang, S-F
2020-03-01A Vehicle-to-Microgrid Framework with Optimization-Incorporated Distributed EV Coordination for a Commercial NeighborhoodRahman, MS; Hossain, MJ; Lu, J; Rafi, FHM; Mishra, S
2019-04-01Al Jazeera and Global News: Stages of OperationBebawi, S; Kern, R; Mishra, S
2015-03-02Cloud computing features, issues, and challenges: A big picturePuthal, D; Sahoo, BPS; Mishra, S; Swain, S
2015-03-02A comparative analysis of packet scheduling schemes for multimedia services in LTE networksSahoo, BPS; Puthal, D; Swain, S; Mishra, S
2016-10-24Feature driven and point process approaches for popularity predictionMishra, S; Rizoiu, MA; Xie, L
2018-08-17First score auction for pricing-based resource selection in vehicular cloudMishra, S; Mishra, SK; Sahoo, B; Obaidat, MS; Puthal, D
2011-10-01Influence of chirality of V(V) Schiff base complexes on DNA, BSA binding and cleavage activityKhan, NUH; Pandya, N; Maity, NC; Kumar, M; Patel, RM; Kureshy, RI; Abdi, SHR; Mishra, S; Das, S; Bajaj, HC
2018-01-01Modeling popularity in asynchronous social media streams with recurrent neural networksMishra, S; Rizoiu, MA; Xie, L
2019-06-01Output Feedback Adaptive Control for Inter-area Oscillation Damping under Power System UncertaintiesNayak, A; Mishra, S; Hossain, J; Nizami, MSH
2020-12-16Robust Power Sharing between Dual Active Bridges to Improve a DC Microgrid's StabilityDas, D; Hossain, MJ; Mishra, S; Singh, B
2018-01-01SIR-Hawkes: Linking Epidemic Models and Hawkes Processes to Model Diffusions in Finite PopulationsRizoiu, M-A; Mishra, S; Kong, Q; Carman, M; Xie, L
2021-04Using Hawkes Processes to model imported and local malaria cases in near-elimination settings.Unwin, HJT; Routledge, I; Flaxman, S; Rizoiu, M-A; Lai, S; Cohen, J; Weiss, DJ; Mishra, S; Bhatt, S