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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-10-01Changes in evapotranspiration following wildfire in resprouting eucalypt forestsNolan, RH; Lane, PNJ; Benyon, RG; Bradstock, RA; Mitchell, PJ
2021-07Development of the Asia Pacific Consortium on Osteoporosis (APCO) Framework: clinical standards of care for the screening, diagnosis, and management of osteoporosis in the Asia-Pacific region.Chandran, M; Mitchell, PJ; Amphansap, T; Bhadada, SK; Chadha, M; Chan, D-C; Chung, Y-S; Ebeling, P; Gilchrist, N; Habib Khan, A; Halbout, P; Hew, FL; Lan, H-PT; Lau, TC; Lee, JK; Lekamwasam, S; Lyubomirsky, G; Mercado-Asis, LB; Mithal, A; Nguyen, TV; Pandey, D; Reid, IR; Suzuki, A; Chit, TT; Tiu, KL; Valleenukul, T; Yung, CK; Zhao, YL; Asia Pacific Consortium on Osteoporosis (APCO),
2020-11IQ driving QI: the Asia Pacific Consortium on Osteoporosis (APCO): an innovative and collaborative initiative to improve osteoporosis care in the Asia Pacific.Chandran, M; Bhadada, SK; Ebeling, PR; Gilchrist, NL; Khan, AH; Halbout, P; Lekamwasam, S; Lyubomirsky, G; Mitchell, PJ; Nguyen, TV; Tiu, KL; Asia Pacific Consortium on Osteoporosis
2017-09-01A multi-species synthesis of physiological mechanisms in drought-induced tree mortalityAdams, HD; Zeppel, MJB; Anderegg, WRL; Hartmann, H; Landhäusser, SM; Tissue, DT; Huxman, TE; Hudson, PJ; Franz, TE; Allen, CD; Anderegg, LDL; Barron-Gafford, GA; Beerling, DJ; Breshears, DD; Brodribb, TJ; Bugmann, H; Cobb, RC; Collins, AD; Dickman, LT; Duan, H; Ewers, BE; Galiano, L; Galvez, DA; Garcia-Forner, N; Gaylord, ML; Germino, MJ; Gessler, A; Hacke, UG; Hakamada, R; Hector, A; Jenkins, MW; Kane, JM; Kolb, TE; Law, DJ; Lewis, JD; Limousin, JM; Love, DM; Macalady, AK; Martínez-Vilalta, J; Mencuccini, M; Mitchell, PJ; Muss, JD; O'Brien, MJ; O'Grady, AP; Pangle, RE; Pinkard, EA; Piper, FI; Plaut, JA; Pockman, WT; Quirk, J; Reinhardt, K; Ripullone, F; Ryan, MG; Sala, A; Sevanto, S; Sperry, JS; Vargas, R; Vennetier, M; Way, DA; Xu, C; Yepez, EA; McDowell, NG
2019-04-01Risks to carbon dynamics in semi-arid woodlands of eastern Australia under current and future climatesNolan, RH; Sinclair, J; Waters, CM; Mitchell, PJ; Eldridge, DJ; Paul, KI; Roxburgh, S; Butler, DW; Ramp, D
2018-09-15Safeguarding reforestation efforts against changes in climate and disturbance regimesNolan, RH; Drew, DM; O'Grady, AP; Pinkard, EA; Paul, K; Roxburgh, SH; Mitchell, PJ; Bruce, J; Battaglia, M; Ramp, D
2014-02-01Structural adjustments in resprouting trees drive differences in post-fire transpirationNolan, RH; Mitchell, PJ; Bradstock, RA; Lane, PNJ; Oren, R
2015-05-01Trends in evapotranspiration and streamflow following wildfire in resprouting eucalypt forestsNolan, RH; Lane, PNJ; Benyon, RG; Bradstock, RA; Mitchell, PJ