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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-04-26A Systematic Review of the Effect of PTSD and Trauma on Treatment Outcomes for Eating Disorders.Day, S; Hay, P; Tannous, WK; Fatt, SJ; Mitchison, D
2023-10An exploration of how adolescents experience and reason their parents' comments on their weight, shape, and eating.Dahill, LM; Morrison, NMV; Touyz, S; Mitchison, D; Bussey, K; Mannan, H; Hay, P
2023-03Associations among relationship status, gender, and sexual attraction in Australian adolescents' eating pathology.Roberts, SR; Hay, P; Bussey, K; Trompeter, N; Lonergan, A; Mitchison, D
2023-03-15Associations between Parents' Body Weight/Shape Comments and Disordered Eating Amongst Adolescents over Time-A Longitudinal Study.Dahill, LM; Hay, P; Morrison, NMV; Touyz, S; Mitchison, D; Bussey, K; Mannan, H
2018-09-14Beliefs about Binge Eating: Psychometric Properties of the Eating Beliefs Questionnaire (EBQ-18) in Eating Disorder, Obese, and Community Samples.Burton, AL; Mitchison, D; Hay, P; Donnelly, B; Thornton, C; Russell, J; Swinbourne, J; Basten, C; Goldstein, M; Touyz, S; Abbott, MJ
2022-09Body image as a multidimensional concept: A systematic review of body image facets in eating disorders and muscle dysmorphia.Prnjak, K; Jukic, I; Mitchison, D; Griffiths, S; Hay, P
2023-01"Can you see me?" Videoconferencing and eating disorder risk during COVID-19: Anxiety, impairment, and mediators.Hart, LM; Mitchison, D; Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M; Giles, S; Fardouly, J; Jarman, HK; Damiano, SR; McLean, SA; Prichard, I; Yager, Z; Krug, I
2022-03Compulsive exercise among college students: 5-year time trends in prevalence and demographic, substance use, and mental health correlates.Ganson, KT; Mitchison, D; Rodgers, RF; Cunningham, ML; Murray, SB; Nagata, JM
2023-11-13Correction: Burden and health-related quality of life of eating disorders, including Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), in the Australian population.Hay, P; Mitchison, D; Collado, AEL; González-Chica, DA; Stocks, N; Touyz, S
2023-08-29Correction: The prevalence and burden of avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID) in a general adolescent population.Van Buuren, L; Fleming, CAK; Hay, P; Bussey, K; Trompeter, N; Lonergan, A; Mitchison, D
2023-07Development of transdiagnostic clinical risk prediction models for 12-month onset and course of eating disorders among adolescents in the community.Mitchison, D; Wang, SB; Wade, T; Haynos, AF; Bussey, K; Trompeter, N; Lonergan, A; Tame, J; Hay, P
2023-01Difficulties with emotion regulation and weight/shape concerns as predictors of eating disorder behaviors among adolescents.Trompeter, N; Bussey, K; Forbes, MK; Griffiths, S; Mond, J; Hay, P; Lonergan, A; Tame, J; Mitchison, D
2023Eating Disorders in Indigenous PeoplesMitchison, D; Broderstad, AR; Burt, A; Kvaløy, K
2022-05Emotion Dysregulation and Eating Disorder Symptoms: Examining Distinct Associations and Interactions in Adolescents.Trompeter, N; Bussey, K; Forbes, MK; Hay, P; Goldstein, M; Thornton, C; Basten, C; Heruc, G; Roberts, M; Byrne, S; Griffiths, S; Lonergan, A; Mitchison, D
2023-03Examination of bidirectional relationships between fear of negative evaluation and weight/shape concerns over 3 years: A longitudinal cohort study of Australian adolescents.Trompeter, N; Austen, E; Bussey, K; Reilly, EE; Cunningham, ML; Mond, J; Lonergan, A; Tame, J; Mitchison, D
2022-03-24Exploring associations between positive and negative valanced parental comments about adolescents' bodies and eating and eating problems: a community study.Dahill, LM; Morrison, NMV; Mannan, H; Mitchison, D; Touyz, S; Bussey, K; Trompeter, N; Hay, P
2023-04"I don't want them to judge me": Separating out the role of fear of negative evaluation, neuroticism, and low self-esteem in eating disorders.Clague, CA; Prnjak, K; Mitchison, D
2022-06Intuitive Eating Scale-2: psychometric properties and clinical norms among individuals seeking treatment for an eating disorder in private practice.Babbott, KM; Mitchison, D; Basten, C; Thornton, C; Hay, P; Byrne, S; Goldstein, M; Heruc, G; van der Werf, B; Consedine, NS; Roberts, M
2022-12Longitudinal relationship between experience of sexual harassment and 2-year body image and weight outcomes in adolescence: mediation through self-objectification and psychological distress.Hayes, S; Lonergan, A; Trompeter, N; Bussey, K; Hay, P; Mitchison, D
2023-09New anti-obesity medications: Considerations and future directions in people with concurrent eating disorders.Sharp, G; Girolamo, T; Hay, P; Mitchison, D; Cooper, K; Sumithran, P; Jebeile, H