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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09A self-adaptive hybridized differential evolution naked mole-rat algorithm for engineering optimization problemsSalgotra, R; Singh, U; Singh, G; Mittal, N; Gandomi, AH
2023-07Anoverview of biomedical applications for gold nanoparticles against lung cancerKumari, V; Vishwas, S; Kumar, R; Kakoty, V; Khursheed, R; Babu, MR; Harish, V; Mittal, N; Singh, PK; Alharthi, NS; Hakami, MA; Aba Alkhayl, FF; Gupta, G; Rubis, GD; Paudel, KR; Singh, M; Zandi, M; Oliver, BG; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2021Evolution of the Indian LPG Industry: Exploring Conditions for Public Sector Business Model InnovationAgarwal, R; Mittal, N; Patterson, E; Giorcelli, M
2015-11-05Macroporous flexible polyvinyl alcohol lithium adsorbent foam composite prepared via surfactant blending and cryo-desiccationNisola, GM; Limjuco, LA; Vivas, EL; Lawagon, CP; Park, MJ; Shon, HK; Mittal, N; Nah, IW; Kim, H; Chung, WJ
2019-01-28Triangular Fuzzy Partitioned Bonferroni Mean Operators and Their Application to Multiple Attribute Decision MakingVerma, R; Merigó, JM; Mittal, N
2023-05Unravelling the role of solid lipid nanoparticles in drug delivery: Journey from laboratory to clinical trialHarish, V; Mohd, S; Tewari, D; Pandey, NK; Vishwas, S; Babu, MR; Salkini, MA; Rehman, ZU; Alotaibi, JT; Alotaibi, RF; Alrashed, FA; Prasher, P; Sharma, N; Gupta, G; Jakhmola, V; Singh, Y; de Jesus Andreoli Pinto, T; Paudel, KR; Mittal, N; Singh, TG; Arora, P; Dua, K; Singh, SK
2018-01-01Value creation and the impact of policy interventions: Indian LPG supply chain case studyMittal, N; Agarwal, R; Selen, W