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2022-01-01Association between place of delivery, assistance during delivery and fistula occurrence in Afghanistan.Samad, N; Das, P; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Mohammed, A; Frimpong, JB; Mitra, DK
2022Barriers to healthcare access and healthcare seeking for childhood illnesses among childbearing women in Burundi.Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Hagan, JE; Budu, E; Mohammed, A; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Adoboi, F; Schack, T
2022-11-05Comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge and HIV testing among men in sub-Saharan Africa: a multilevel modelling.Tetteh, JK; Frimpong, JB; Budu, E; Adu, C; Mohammed, A; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A
2022-09-24Comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge and safer sex negotiation among adolescent girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa.Frimpong, JB; Budu, E; Adu, C; Mohammed, A; Tetteh, JK; Seidu, A-A; Ahinkorah, BO
2022Disability, physical activity, and health-related quality of life in Australian adults: An investigation using 19 waves of a longitudinal cohort.Keramat, SA; Ahammed, B; Mohammed, A; Seidu, A-A; Farjana, F; Hashmi, R; Ahmad, K; Haque, R; Ahmed, S; Ali, MA; Ahinkorah, BO
2021-12-14Early age at first childbirth and skilled birth attendance during delivery among young women in sub-Saharan Africa.Budu, E; Chattu, VK; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Mohammed, A; Tetteh, JK; Arthur-Holmes, F; Adu, C; Yaya, S
2022-10-11Effect of USAID-funded obstetric ultrasound service interventions on maternal and perinatal health outcomes at primary healthcare facilities in Ethiopia: a propensity score matching analysis.Yitbarek, K; Tuji, A; Alemayehu, YK; Tadesse, D; Tadele, A; Tsegaye, S; Abera, Y; Abrar, M; Ibrahim, A; Esmael, S; Belete, M; Mohammed, A; Shekabdulahi, M; Olani, H; Selamu, A; Medhin, G; Gerbaba, MJ
2021-07-07Effect of Vitamin D Deficiency on COVID-19 Status: A Systematic ReviewDas, P; Samad, N; Ahinkorah, BO; Hagan, JE; Peprah, P; Mohammed, A; Seidu, A-A
2020-12-01Enabling Strategic Agility through Dynamic Cloud CapabilityMohammed, A; Hawryszkiewycz, I; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D
2022-11Estimating the effects of physical violence and serious injury on health-related quality of life: Evidence from 19 waves of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia Survey.Keramat, SA; Nguyen, K-H; Perales, F; Seidu, A-A; Mohammed, A; Ahinkorah, BO; Comans, T
2022-03Factors associated with the number and timing of antenatal care visits among married women in Cameroon: evidence from the 2018 Cameroon Demographic and Health Survey.Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Budu, E; Mohammed, A; Adu, C; Agbaglo, E; Ameyaw, EK; Yaya, S
2021-10-06Maternal and child factors associated with early initiation of breastfeeding in Chad: evidence from nationally representative cross-sectional data.Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A; Budu, E; Mohammed, A; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Kissah-Korsah, K; Adoboi, F; Yaya, S
2007-03-12T22:05:43ZPerformance Evaluation of RAKE Receiver for UWB Systems using Measured Channels in Industrial EnvironmentsClaesson, I; Mohammed, A; Khan, MG; Nordberg, J
2019-08-01Process evaluations of primary care interventions addressing chronic disease: A systematic reviewLiu, H; Mohammed, A; Shanthosh, J; News, M; Laba, TL; Hackett, ML; Peiris, D; Jan, S
2022-09-17Rural-urban disparities in caesarean deliveries in sub-Saharan Africa: a multivariate non-linear decomposition modelling of Demographic and Health Survey data.Ahinkorah, BO; Aboagye, RG; Seidu, A-A; Okyere, J; Mohammed, A; Chattu, VK; Budu, E; Adoboi, F; Yaya, S
2022-01-06Safer sex negotiation and parity among women in sub-Saharan Africa.Adu, C; Frimpong, JB; Mohammed, A; Tetteh, JK; Budu, E; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A
2022-01-26Sexual autonomy and self-reported sexually transmitted infections among women in sexual unions.Adu, C; Mohammed, A; Budu, E; Frimpong, JB; Tetteh, JK; Ahinkorah, BO; Seidu, A-A
2021-06-08What has comprehensive HIV/AIDS knowledge got to do with HIV testing among men in Kenya and Mozambique? Evidence from Demographic and Health Surveys.Budu, E; Seidu, A-A; Armah-Ansah, EK; Mohammed, A; Adu, C; Ameyaw, EK; Ahinkorah, BO