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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-01Big-Sensing-Data Curation for the Cloud is Coming: A Promise of Scalable Cloud-Data-Center Mitigation for Next-Generation IoT and Wireless Sensor NetworksYang, C; Puthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Kougianos, E
2018-03-01The Blockchain as a Decentralized Security Framework [Future Directions]Puthal, D; Malik, N; Mohanty, SP; Kougianos, E; Yang, C
2018-03-01Building a Sustainable Internet of Things: Energy-Efficient Routing Using Low-Power Sensors Will Meet the NeedRoy, SS; Puthal, D; Sharma, S; Mohanty, SP; Zomaya, AY
2017-10-01Building Security Perimeters to Protect Network Systems Against Cyber Threats [Future Directions]Puthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Nanda, P; Choppali, U
2018-11-01A Computing Perspective of Quantum Cryptography [Energy and Security]Nanda, A; Puthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Choppali, U
2019-12-10Editorial to the Special Issue on Recent Advances on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and CommunicationsNanda, P; Puthal, D; Mohanty, SP
2018-07-01Everything You Wanted to Know about the Blockchain: Its Promise, Components, Processes, and ProblemsPuthal, D; Malik, N; Mohanty, SP; Kougianos, E; Das, G
2019-05-01Fog Computing Security Challenges and Future Directions [Energy and Security]Puthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Bhavake, SA; Morgan, G; Ranjan, R
2021-11-01Personal Internet of Things (PIoT): What Is It Exactly?Sahoo, BPS; Mohanty, SP; Puthal, D; Pillai, P
2019-08-01PMsec: Physical Unclonable Function-Based Robust and Lightweight Authentication in the Internet of Medical ThingsYanambaka, VP; Mohanty, SP; Kougianos, E; Puthal, D
2019-01-01Proof of Authentication: IoT-Friendly BlockchainsPuthal, D; Mohanty, SP
2019-03-06Proof-of-Authentication for Scalable Blockchain in Resource-Constrained Distributed SystemsPuthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Nanda, P; Kougianos, E; Das, G
2018-05-01Secure and Sustainable Load Balancing of Edge Data Centers in Fog ComputingPuthal, D; Obaidat, MS; Nanda, P; Prasad, M; Mohanty, SP; Zomaya, AY
2021-09-01Toward Next-Generation Robust CryptosystemsPuthal, D; Swain, S; Mohanty, SP
2019-05-01Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Consumer Applications: New Applications in Current and Future Smart EnvironmentsKumar, N; Puthal, D; Theocharides, T; Mohanty, SP