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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01Colonial Visions of 'Third World' Toilets: A Nineteenth-Century Discourse That Haunts Contemporary TourismMoore, A; Gershenson, O; Penner, B
2003-09Development of an anaerobic capacity test for field sport athletes.Moore, A; Murphy, A
2008-01Fin-de-siecle Sexuality and ExcretionMoore, A; Cryle, PM
2010-01Frigidity at the Fin de Siècle in France: a Slippery and Capacious ConceptMoore, A; Cryle, P
2011-01Frigidity, An Intellectual HistoryMoore, A
2009-01Frigidity, Gender and Power in French Cultural History - From Jean Fauconney to Marie BonaparteMoore, A
2005-01History, Memory and Trauma in Photography of the Tondues: Visuality of the Vichy past Through the Silent Image of WomenMoore, A
2009-01The Invention of Sadism? The Limits of Neologisms in the History of SexualityMoore, A
2009-01The Invention of the Unsexual: Situating Frigidity in the History of Sexuality and in Feminist ThoughtMoore, A; Drapac, V; Lambelet, A
2011-01Is the Unspeakable Singable? Henryk Górecki, Symphony of Sorrowful Songs and the Ethics of Holocaust EmpathyMoore, A
2005-01Kakao and Kaka: Chocolate and the excretory imagination in nineteenth-century EuropeMoore, A; Carden-Coyne, A; Forth, C
2008-01Pathologizing Female Sexual Frigidity in Fin-de-Siecle France, or How Absence Was Made into a ThingMoore, A; Evans, D
2009-01Recovering Difference in the Deleuzian Dichotomy of Masochism-Without-SadismMoore, A
2009-01Relocating Marie Bonaparte's ClitorisMoore, A
2009-01Rethinking Gendered Perversion and Degeneration in Visions of Sadism and Masochism, 1886-1930Moore, A
2010-01Sadean Nature and Reasoned Morality in Adorno/Horkheimer's Dialectic of EnlightenmentMoore, A
2007-01Sexualites, Identites, NationalismeMoore, A; Rouquet, F; Virgili, F; Voldman, D