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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Children and young people’s decision-making in social research about sensitive issuesMoore, T; McArthur, M; Graham, A; Chalmers, J; Powell, MA; Taplin, S
2019-04-01Children in Social Research: Do Higher Payments Encourage Participation in Riskier Studies?Taplin, S; Chalmers, J; Hoban, B; McArthur, M; Moore, T; Graham, A
2020-05-03Children’s participation in research on sensitive topics: addressing concerns of decision-makersPowell, MA; Graham, A; McArthur, M; Moore, T; Chalmers, J; Taplin, S
2021-03-31Gender Equality and Empowerment for Refugee Women in Return and Reintegration Contexts (Policy Brief)Megaw, T; Winterford, K; Edington, S; Thomson, J; Xavier, F; Sooriyakumary, S; Moore, T
2021-10-12Human Research Ethics Committee Experiences and Views About Children's Participation in Research: Results From the MESSI Study.Taplin, S; Chalmers, J; Brown, J; Moore, T; Graham, A; McArthur, M
2007-01Industrial ecology opportunities in Melbourne: literature reviewKazaglis, A; Giurco, D; Van Beers, D; Bossilkov, A; Reuter, M; Fagan, J; Grant, T; Moore, T
2007-01Industrial ecology opportunities in Melbourne: Literature reviewGiurco, D; Kazaglis, A; Van Beers, D; Bossilkov, A; Reuter, M; Fagan, J; Grant, T; Moore, T
2017-10-01New interventions are needed to save coral reefsAnthony, K; Bay, LK; Costanza, R; Firn, J; Gunn, J; Harrison, P; Heyward, A; Lundgren, P; Mead, D; Moore, T; Mumby, PJ; Van Oppen, MJH; Robertson, J; Runge, MC; Suggett, DJ; Schaffelke, B; Wachenfeld, D; Walshe, T
2019-01-02The psychiatric, psychosocial and physical health profile of young people with early psychosis: Data from an early psychosis intervention serviceCoates, D; Wright, L; Moore, T; Pinnell, S; Merillo, C; Howe, D
2018-01-01The rise of right-populism: Pauline hanson’s one nation and Australian politicsGrant, B; Moore, T; Lynch, T