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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-01Analysis of Google Trends to monitor New Psychoactive Substance. Is there an added value?Batistic, F-K; Rhumorbarbe, D; Lefrancois, E; Tettey, J; Raithelhuber, M; Rossy, Q; Morelato, M
2018-10-01Analysis of N,N-dimethylamphetamine in wastewater – a pyrolysis marker and synthesis impurity of methamphetamineBeen, F; O'Brien, J; Lai, FY; Morelato, M; Vallely, P; McGowan, J; van Nuijs, ALN; Covaci, A; Mueller, JF
2018-02-01Dataset of coded handwriting features for use in statistical modellingAgius, A; Morelato, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Jones, K; Epple, R; Brown, J; Roux, C
2013-03-10Forensic applications of desorption electrospray ionisation mass spectrometry (DESI-MS)Morelato, M; Beavis, A; Kirkbride, P; Roux, C
2017-10-01Forensic drug intelligence and the rise of cryptomarkets. Part I: Studying the Australian virtual marketBroséus, J; Morelato, M; Tahtouh, M; Roux, C
2018-07-01Forensic drug intelligence and the rise of cryptomarkets. Part II: Combination of data from the physical and virtual marketsMorelato, M; Broséus, J; De Grazia, A; Tahtouh, M; Esseiva, P; Roux, C
2015Forensic drug profiling : a tool for intelligence-led policingMorelato, M
2015-05-01Forensic intelligence framework. Part II: Study of the main generic building blocks and challenges through the examples of illicit drugs and false identity documents monitoringBaechler, S; Morelato, M; Ribaux, O; Beavis, A; Tahtouh, M; Kirkbride, KP; Esseiva, P; Margot, P; Roux, C
2017-12-01Forensic Science: Current State and Perspective by a Group of Early Career ResearchersMorelato, M; Barash, M; Blanes, L; Chadwick, S; Dilag, J; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Nizio, KD; Spindler, X; Moret, S
2017-08-01A geographical analysis of trafficking on a popular darknet marketBroséus, J; Rhumorbarbe, D; Morelato, M; Staehli, L; Rossy, Q
2016-06-01Image processing of false identity documents for forensic intelligenceTalbot-Wright, B; Baechler, S; Morelato, M; Ribaux, O; Roux, C
2022-02-07Infrequent detection of unintentional fentanyl use via urinalysis among people who regularly inject opioids in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.Lam, T; Barratt, MJ; Bartlett, M; Latimer, J; Jauncey, M; Hiley, S; Clark, N; Gerostamoulos, D; Glowacki, L; Roux, C; Morelato, M; Nielsen, S
2020-01-01An insight into the sale of prescription drugs and medicine on the AlphaBay cryptomarketMorelato, M; Medeiros Bozic, S; Rhumorbarbe, D; Broséus, J; Staehli, L; Esseiva, P; Roux, C; Rossy, Q
2021-11-01LIMITED EVIDENCE VIA URINALYSIS OF UNINTENTIONAL FENTANYL USE AMONG PEOPLE WHO REGULARLY INJECT OPIOIDS IN SYDNEY AND MELBOURNELam, T; Barratt, MJ; Bartlett, M; Latimer, J; Jauncey, M; Hiley, S; Clarke, N; Gerostamoulos, D; Glowacki, L; Roux, C; Morelato, M; Nielsen, S
2019-11-01Monitoring new psychoactive substances: Exploring the contribution of an online discussion forumRhumorbarbe, D; Morelato, M; Staehli, L; Roux, C; Jaquet-Chiffelle, DO; Rossy, Q; Esseiva, P
2019-09-01Review of the most common chemometric techniques in illicit drug profilingPopovic, A; Morelato, M; Roux, C; Beavis, A
2012-04-10Screening of gunshot residues using desorption electrospray ionisation-mass spectrometry (DESI-MS)Morelato, M; Beavis, A; Ogle, A; Doble, P; Kirkbride, P; Roux, C
2020Un modèle continu, non linéaire et collaboratif de l’enquêteBaechler, S; Morelato, M; Roux, C; Margot, P; Ribaux, O
2013-03-10The use of forensic case data in intelligence-led policing: The example of drug profilingMorelato, M; Beavis, A; Tahtouh, M; Ribaux, O; Kirkbride, P; Roux, C
2017-09-01The use of handwriting examinations beyond the traditional court purposeAgius, A; Jones, K; Epple, R; Morelato, M; Moret, S; Chadwick, S; Roux, C