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2020-12-29Association of macro-level determinants with adolescent overweight and suicidal ideation with planning: A cross-sectional study of 21 Latin American and Caribbean Countries.Elia, C; Karamanos, A; Dregan, A; O'Keeffe, M; Wolfe, I; Sandall, J; Morgan, C; Cruickshank, JK; Gobin, R; Wilks, R; Harding, S
2017-12-01The effectiveness of unguided internet cognitive behavioural therapy for mixed anxiety and depressionMorgan, C; Mason, E; Newby, JM; Mahoney, AEJ; Hobbs, MJ; McAloon, J; Andrews, G
2020-01-01Ending malnutrition in all its forms requires scaling up proven nutrition interventions and much more: a 129-country analysis.Scott, N; Delport, D; Hainsworth, S; Pearson, R; Morgan, C; Huang, S; Akuoku, JK; Piwoz, E; Shekar, M; Levin, C; Toole, M; Homer, CS
2016-06-01Feasibility and acceptability of clean birth kits containing misoprostol for self-administration to prevent postpartum hemorrhage in rural Papua New GuineaVallely, LM; Homiehombo, P; Walep, E; Moses, M; Tom, M; Kelly-Hanku, A; Vallely, A; Nataraye, E; Ninnes, C; Mola, GD; Morgan, C; Kaldor, JM; Wand, H; Whittaker, A; Homer, CSE
2019-11-01Health outcomes of iron supplementation and/or food fortification in iron-replete children aged 4-24 months: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisHare, DJ; Braat, S; Cardoso, BR; Morgan, C; Szymlek-Gay, EA; Biggs, BA
2020-10-01Improving the quality of maternal and newborn care in the Pacific region: A scoping reviewWilson, AN; Spotswood, N; Hayman, GS; Vogel, JP; Narasia, J; Elijah, A; Morgan, C; Morgan, A; Beeson, J; Homer, CSE
2016-01-01A novel point-of-care testing strategy for sexually transmitted infections among pregnant women in high-burden settings: Results of a feasibility study in Papua New GuineaBadman, SG; Vallely, LM; Toliman, P; Kariwiga, G; Lote, B; Pomat, W; Holmer, C; Guy, R; Luchters, S; Morgan, C; Garland, SM; Tabrizi, S; Whiley, D; Rogerson, SJ; Mola, G; Wand, H; Donovan, B; Causer, L; Kaldor, J; Vallely, A
2022Partnership-defined quality approach to companionship during labour and birth in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea: A mixed-methods study.Wilson, AN; Melepia, P; Suruka, R; Hezeri, P; Kabiu, D; Babona, D; Wapi, P; Bohren, MA; Vogel, JP; Kelly-Hanku, A; Morgan, A; Beeson, JG; Morgan, C; Spotswood, N; Scoullar, MJL; Vallely, LM; Homer, CSE; Saria, V
2021-08-12Point-of-care testing and treatment of sexually transmitted and genital infections during pregnancy in Papua New Guinea (WANTAIM trial): protocol for an economic evaluation alongside a cluster-randomised trialBatura, N; Saweri, OP; Vallely, A; Pomat, W; Homer, C; Guy, R; Luchters, S; Mola, G; Vallely, LM; Morgan, C; Kariwiga, G; Wand, H; Rogerson, S; Tabrizi, SN; Whiley, DM; Low, N; Peeling, RW; Siba, PM; Riddell, M; Laman, M; Bolnga, J; Robinson, LJ; Morewaya, J; Badman, S; Kelly-Hanku, A; Toliman, PJ; Peter, W; Peach, E; Garland, S; Kaldor, J; Wiseman, V
2022-06-01Quality newborn care in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea: measuring early newborn care practices and identifying opportunities for improvement.Wilson, AN; Melepia, P; Suruka, R; Hezeri, P; Kabiu, D; Babona, D; Wapi, P; Spotswood, N; Bohren, MA; Vogel, JP; Kelly-Hanku, A; Morgan, A; Beeson, JG; Morgan, C; Vallely, LM; Waramin, EJ; Scoullar, MJL; Homer, CSE