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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01A biographical research approachMarrewijk, AV; Sankaran, S; Muller, R; Drouin, N; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S; Marrewijk, AV; Muller, R
2013-01Actor-Network Theory, Activity Theory and Action Research and their application in project management researchEr, M; Pollack, JB; Sankaran, S; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2021-01-01Conclusions and reflections: what have we learnt about megaproject leaders?Sankaran, S; Marrewijk, AV; Drouin, N; Muller, R
2021-01-01Governance of organizational project management and megaprojects using the viable systems modelMuller, R; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S; Metcalf, G; Kijima, K; Deguchi, H
2021-01-01Insights from personal perspectivesMuller, R; Marrewijk, AV; Drouin, N; Sankaran, S
2012-01The interrelationship of governance, trust and ethics in temporary organizationsMuller, R; Andersen, E; Kvalnes, O; Shao, J; Sankaran, S; Turner, R; Biesenthal, CE; Walker, D; Gudergan, S; Messikomer, C
2016Leading projects by balancing vertical and horizontal leadership – International case studiesMuller, R; Nikolova, N; Sankaran, S; Hase, S; Zhu, F; Xu, X; Vaagaasar, AL; Drouin, N
2022-04-28Lived-Experience of Women’s Well-Being in the Cyclone Shelters of Coastal BangladeshChowdhury, TJ; Arbon, P; Gebbie, K; Muller, R; Kako, M; Steenkamp, M
2021-01-01Megaproject leaders: Reflections on personal life storiesDrouin, N; Sankaran, S; Marrewijk, A; Muller, R
2013-01Mixed methods research design: well beyond the notion of triangulationCameron, R; Sankaran, S; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2016The nature of organizational project management and its role as an organizational capabilityDrouin, N; Sankaran, S; Muller, R
2013Novel Approaches to Organizational Project Management Research: Translational and TransformationalSankaran, SHANKAR; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2013-01Pluralist Project Research: Drawing on Critical Systems Thinking to Manage Research Across ParadigmsPollack, JB; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2013-01Power and Politics in Construction ProjectsClegg, SR; Kreiner, K; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2015-12-07The socio-cognitive space for linking horizontal and vertical leadershipMuller, R; Sankaran, S; Drouin, N; Nikolova, N; Vaagasaar, AL; Clegg, S
2021-02-26The Gotthard Base Tunnel: the work of a centuryDrouin, N; Muller, R
2013-01Translational approaches: applying strategic management theories to OPM researchKillen, CP; Jugdev, K; Drouin, N; Petit, Y; Drouin, N; Muller, R; Sankaran, S
2022-01Understanding the experiences of women in disasters: lessons for emergency management planningChowdhury, TJ; Arbon, P; Kako, M; Muller, R; Steenkamp, M; Gebbie, K
2021-01-01What is done through the lens of megaproject leader's life-storiesDrouin, N; Marrewijk, AV; Sankaran, S; Muller, R