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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-03-15Crucial knowledge gaps in current understanding of climate change impacts on coral reef fishesWilson, SK; Adjeroud, M; Bellwood, DR; Berumen, ML; Booth, D; Bozec, YM; Chabanet, P; Cheal, A; Cinner, J; Depczynski, M; Feary, DA; Gagliano, M; Graham, NAJ; Halford, AR; Halpern, BS; Harborne, AR; Hoey, AS; Holbrook, SJ; Jones, GP; Kulblki, M; Letourneur, Y; De Loma, TL; McClanahan, T; McCormick, MI; Meekan, MG; Mumby, PJ; Munday, PL; Öhman, MC; Pratchett, MS; Rlegl, B; Sano, M; Schmitt, RJ; Syms, C
2017-11-01Detecting conservation benefits of marine reserves on remote reefs of the northern GBRCastro-Sanguino, C; Bozec, YM; Dempsey, A; Samaniego, BR; Lubarsky, K; Andrews, S; Komyakova, V; Ortiz, JC; Robbins, WD; Renaud, PG; Mumby, PJ
2018-11-20Editorial: The future of coral reefs subject to rapid climate change: Lessons from natural extreme environmentsCamp, EF; Schoepf, V; Mumby, PJ; Suggett, DJ
2018-02-02The future of coral reefs subject to rapid climate change: Lessons from natural extreme environmentsCamp, EF; Schoepf, V; Mumby, PJ; Hardtke, LA; Rodolfo-Metalpa, R; Smith, DJ; Suggett, DJ
2021-08-13Integrating environmental variability to broaden the research on coral responses to future ocean conditionsZiegler, M; Anton, A; Klein, SG; Rädecker, N; Geraldi, NR; Schmidt‐Roach, S; Saderne, V; Mumby, PJ; Cziesielski, MJ; Martin, C; Frölicher, TL; Pandolfi, JM; Suggett, DJ; Aranda, M; Duarte, CM; Voolstra, CR
2017-10-01New interventions are needed to save coral reefsAnthony, K; Bay, LK; Costanza, R; Firn, J; Gunn, J; Harrison, P; Heyward, A; Lundgren, P; Mead, D; Moore, T; Mumby, PJ; Van Oppen, MJH; Robertson, J; Runge, MC; Suggett, DJ; Schaffelke, B; Wachenfeld, D; Walshe, T
2023-04-12No apparent trade-offs associated with heat tolerance in a reef-building coral.Lachs, L; Humanes, A; Pygas, DR; Bythell, JC; Mumby, PJ; Ferrari, R; Figueira, WF; Beauchamp, E; East, HK; Edwards, AJ; Golbuu, Y; Martinez, HM; Sommer, B; van der Steeg, E; Guest, JR
2021-08-03Projecting coral responses to intensifying marine heatwaves under ocean acidificationKlein, SG; Geraldi, NR; Anton, A; Schmidt‐Roach, S; Ziegler, M; Cziesielski, MJ; Martin, C; Rädecker, N; Frölicher, TL; Mumby, PJ; Pandolfi, JM; Suggett, DJ; Voolstra, CR; Aranda, M; Duarte, CM
2021-03-13Revisiting the paradigm of shark‐driven trophic cascades in coral reef ecosystemsDesbiens, AA; Roff, G; Robbins, WD; Taylor, BM; Castro‐Sanguino, C; Dempsey, A; Mumby, PJ
2023-08-01Selecting coral species for reef restorationMadin, JS; McWilliam, M; Quigley, K; Bay, LK; Bellwood, D; Doropoulos, C; Fernandes, L; Harrison, P; Hoey, AS; Mumby, PJ; Ortiz, JC; Richards, ZT; Riginos, C; Schiettekatte, NMD; Suggett, DJ; van Oppen, MJH
2014-07-09The tropicalization of temperate marine ecosystems: Climate-mediated changes in herbivory and community phase shiftsVergés, A; Steinberg, PD; Hay, ME; Poore, AGB; Campbell, AH; Ballesteros, E; Heck, KL; Booth, DJ; Coleman, MA; Feary, DA; Figueira, W; Langlois, T; Marzinelli, EM; Mizerek, T; Mumby, PJ; Nakamura, Y; Roughan, M; van Sebille, E; Gupta, AS; Smale, DA; Tomas, F; Wernberg, T; Wilson, SK