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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-10-17100% Renewable Energy for Tanzania – Access to renewable and affordable energy for all within one generation (full report)Teske, S; Morris, T; Nagrath, K
2017-10-17100% Renewable Energy for Tanzania – Access to renewable and affordable energy for all within one generation. (Executive Summary)Teske, S; Morris, T; Nagrath, K
2021-06-02An Australian perspective on local government investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructureDwyer, S; Moutou, C; Nagrath, K; Wyndham, J; McIntosh, L; Chapman, D
2017-11-20Beyond Coal: Alternatives to Extending the Life of Liddell Power StationDunstan, C; Mcintosh, B; Mey, F; Nagrath, K; Rutovitz, J; White, S
2019-04-10Case Studies from Transition Processes in Coal Dependent CommunitiesMey, F; Briggs, C; Nagrath, K; Rutovitz, J
2021-07-01Council-led Business models for EV chargingDwyer, S; Nagrath, K; Wyndham, J; McIntosh, L
2019-01-14Irrigators - the flow on benefits of regionally embedded generationBriggs, C; Nagrath, K; Mey, F; Wyndham, J
2021-05Knowledge Sharing for Impact: Final ReportRiedy, C; Atherton, A; Nagrath, K
2019-01-01MethodologyTeske, S; Pregger, T; Simon, S; Naegler, T; Pagenkopf, J; Van Den Adel, B; Meinshausen, M; Dooley, K; Briggs, C; Dominish, E; Giurco, D; Florin, N; Morris, T; Nagrath, K
2021-08-01N1 Opportunity Assessment: Electric Vehicles and the Grid.Dwyer, S; Dargaville, R; Nagrath, K; Thorpe, A; Milton, A; James, B; McGrath, B; Hargroves, C; Kuch, D; Meegahapola, L; Newman, P; Paevere, P
2019-08-01Networks Renewed: Project Results and Lessons LearntJames, G; Alexander, D; Wyndham, J; McIntosh, L; Nagrath, K; Dwyer, S
2021-08-01Opportunity Assessment: Network Visibility and Optimising Hosting CapacityDwyer, S; Braslavsky, J; Graham, P; Havas, L; Heslop, S; Hossain, J; Ibrahim, I; Amin, R; Khorasany, M; Langham, E; Nagrath, K; Guerrero Orbe, J; Razzaghi, R; Sherman, J; Spak, B
2020-06-10Renewable Energy Employment in AustraliaBriggs, C; Rutovitz, J; Dominish, E; Nagrath, K
2020-07-28Renewable Energy Venture Capital Fund Program Evaluation ReportAtherton, A; Nagrath, K; Bliemel, M; Chong, J; Cotton, D
2019-12-20Sustainability performance assessment of palm oil producersNagrath, K; Alexander, D; Dominish, E; Mey, F
2019-04-01The Business Case for Behind the Meter Inverter Control for Regulating VoltageDwyer, S; Wyndham, J; Nagrath, K; James, G; McIntosh, L
2022-03-01The Green Wave: Adding value through net zero energy strategyRoche, D; Langham, E; Mouritz, M; Breadsell, J; Sharp, D; Nagrath, K; White, S; McCartney, D; Prendergast, J; Parida, S; Bona, R; Kinstan, K; Jazbec, M