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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01Cold water immersion did not accelerate recovery after a futsal matchMoreira, A; Costa, EC; Coutts, AJ; Nakamura, FY; da Silva, DA; Aoki, MS
2019-01-01Faster and slower posttraining recovery in futsal: Multifactorial classification of recovery profilesWilke, CF; Fernandes, FAP; Martins, FVC; Lacerda, AM; Nakamura, FY; Wanner, SP; Duffield, R
2020-05Influence of Faster and Slower Recovery-Profile Classifications, Self-Reported Sleep, Acute Training Load, and Phase of the Microcycle on Perceived Recovery in Futsal Players.Wilke, CF; Wanner, SP; Santos, WHM; Penna, EM; Ramos, GP; Nakamura, FY; Duffield, R
2018-09-01Mental fatigue does not affect heart rate recovery but impairs performance in handball playersPenna, EM; Filho, E; Campos, BT; Pires, DA; Nakamura, FY; Mendes, TT; Lopes, TR; Smith, M; Prado, LS
2021-01-01Post-match recovery in soccer with far-infrared emitting ceramic material or cold-water immersionCoelho, TM; Nunes, RFH; Nakamura, FY; Duffield, R; Serpa, MC; da Silva, JF; Carminatt, LJ; Cidral-Filho, FJ; Goldim, MP; Mathias, K; Petronilho, F; Martins, DF; Guglielmo, LGA
2021-01-13Preseason Training Improves Perception of Fatigue and Recovery From a Futsal Training Session.Wilke, CF; Wanner, SP; Penna, EM; Maia-Lima, A; Santos, WHM; Müller-Ribeiro, FC; Mendes, TT; Bruzzi, RS; Ramos, GP; Nakamura, FY; Duffield, R
2019-01-01Recovery following rugby union matches: Effects of cold water immersion on markers of fatigue and damageNunes, RFH; Duffield, R; Nakamura, FY; Bezerra, EDS; Sakugawa, RL; Loturco, I; Bobinski, F; Martins, DF; Guglielmo, LGA