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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-15A Holistic Approach in Designing Tabletop Robot’s ExpressivityGomez, R; Szapiro, D; Merino, L; Nakamura, K
2016-11-05An Audio-visual Solution to Sound Source Localization and Tracking with Applications to HRIEmery, BM; Ghaffari Jadidi, M; Nakamura, K; Valls Miro, J
2016-01-01An audio-visual solution to sound source localization and tracking with applications to HRIEmery, BM; Jadidi, MG; Nakamura, K; Miro, JV
2009-12-01Efficiency improvements of switched reluctance motors with high-quality iron steel and enhanced conductor slot fillHayashi, H; Nakamura, K; Chiba, A; Fukao, T; Tungpimolrut, K; Dorrell, DG
2021Exploring Affective Storytelling with an Embodied AgentGomez, R; Szapiro, D; Galindo, K; Merino, L; Brock, H; Nakamura, K; Fang, Y; Nichols, E
2018-02-26Haru: Hardware Design of an Experimental Tabletop Robot AssistantGomez, R; Szapiro, D; Galindo, K; Nakamura, K
2013-10-01Improvements to Rapfish: A rapid evaluation technique for fisheries integrating ecological and human dimensions<sup>a</sup>Pitcher, TJ; Lam, ME; Ainsworth, C; Martindale, A; Nakamura, K; Perry, RI; Ward, T
2016-11-28Robust sound source mapping using three-layered selective audio rays for mobile robotsSu, D; Nakamura, K; Nakadai, K; Miro, JV
2018-07-25Seeing slavery in seafood supply chainsNakamura, K; Bishop, L; Ward, T; Pramod, G; Thomson, DC; Tungpuchayakul, P; Srakaew, S
2022-08-10Social equity is key to sustainable ocean governanceCrosman, KM; Allison, EH; Ota, Y; Cisneros-Montemayor, AM; Singh, GG; Swartz, W; Bailey, M; Barclay, KM; Blume, G; Colléter, M; Fabinyi, M; Faustman, EM; Fielding, R; Griffin, PJ; Hanich, Q; Harden-Davies, H; Kelly, RP; Kenny, T-A; Klinger, T; Kittinger, JN; Nakamura, K; Pauwelussen, AP; Pictou, S; Rothschild, C; Seto, KL; Spalding, AK