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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01A novel e-government framework using blockchainAssiri, H; Nanda, P; Mohanty, M
2023-01-01A Zero-Trust Framework for Industrial Internet of ThingsAtieh, A; Nanda, P; Mohanty, M
2022-01-01An Empirical Assessment of Security and Privacy Risks of Web-Based ChatbotsWaheed, N; Ikram, M; Hashmi, SS; He, X; Nanda, P
2011-12-01Analysis of BGP security vulnerabilitiesMujtaba, M; Nanda, P
2011-01Analysis of the BGP Security VulnerabilitiesMujtaba, M; Nanda, P; Williams, DT; Valli, PC
2023-07-10Anomaly Detection in Smart Grid Networks Using Power Consumption DataNanda, P; Rahman, H; Mohanty, M
2018-09-05Asymmetric Commutative Encryption Scheme Based Efficient Solution to the Millionaires' ProblemLiu, M; Nanda, P; Zhang, X; Yang, C; Yu, S; Li, J
2020-01-01Automated Ethereum Smart Contract for Block Chain Based Smart Home SecurityQashlan, A; Nanda, P; He, X
2018-09-05Blockchain Based Secured Identity Authentication and Expeditious Revocation Framework for Vehicular NetworksMalik, N; Nanda, P; Arora, A; He, X; Puthal, D
2012-11-05Border gateway protocol anomaly detection using failure quality control methodMujtaba, M; Nanda, P; He, X
2016-10-01Building an intrusion detection system using a filter-based feature selection algorithmAmbusaidi, MA; He, X; Nanda, P; Tan, Z
2011-09-21Building Content Distribution Network: A solution to achieve qos on internetYang, Y; Nanda, P
2017-10-01Building Security Perimeters to Protect Network Systems Against Cyber Threats [Future Directions]Puthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Nanda, P; Choppali, U
2020-03-01BuildSenSys: Reusing Building Sensing Data for Traffic Prediction with Cross-domain LearningNanda, P; Fan, X; He, X
2023-06-19C-Block: A Secure and Robust Framework for Authentication Handover in 5G HetNets based on Edge-enabled SDN/NFV EnvironmentsNanda, P; Khan, AF
2021-06-28Context-aware Fog Computing Implementation for Industrial Internet of ThingsNanda, P; Atieh, A; Mohanty, M
2011-10-31Credibility problems and tradeoff between realistic and abstraction in WANET and WSN SimulationYu, D; Nanda, P; Braun, R
2018-07-27CTOM: Collaborative task offloading mechanism for mobile cloudlet networksFan, X; He, X; Puthal, D; Chen, S; Xiang, C; Nanda, P; Rao, X
2021-12-03Data Engineering for Smart Systems Proceedings of SSIC 2021Nanda, P
2015-12-02Data mobility management model for active data cubesDang, TD; Hoang, D; Nanda, P