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2021-09A Core Outcome Set for Research Evaluating Interventions to Prevent and/or Treat Delirium in Critically Ill Adults: An International Consensus Study (Del-COrS).Rose, L; Burry, L; Agar, M; Campbell, NL; Clarke, M; Lee, J; Marshall, JC; Devlin, JW; Blackwood, B; Needham, DM; Siddiqi, N; Page, V; Del-COrS Group,
2021-06-18A core outcome set for studies evaluating interventions to prevent and/or treat delirium for adults requiring an acute care hospital admission: an international key stakeholder informed consensus studyRose, L; Burry, L; Agar, M; Blackwood, B; Campbell, NL; Clarke, M; Devlin, JW; Lee, J; Marshall, JC; Needham, DM; Siddiqi, N; Page, V
-A roadmap to advance delirium research: Recommendations from the NIDUS Scientific Think TankOh, ES; Akeju, O; Avidan, MS; Cunningham, C; Hayden, KM; Jones, RN; Khachaturian, AS; Khan, BA; Marcantonio, ER; Needham, DM; Neufeld, KJ; Rose, L; Spence, J; Tieges, Z; Vlisides, P; Inouye, SK
2021-10Design of Clinical Trials Evaluating Sedation in Critically Ill Adults Undergoing Mechanical Ventilation: Recommendations From Sedation Consortium on Endpoints and Procedures for Treatment, Education, and Research (SCEPTER) Recommendation III.Ward, DS; Absalom, AR; Aitken, LM; Balas, MC; Brown, DL; Burry, L; Colantuoni, E; Coursin, D; Devlin, JW; Dexter, F; Dworkin, RH; Egan, TD; Elliott, D; Egerod, I; Flood, P; Fraser, GL; Girard, TD; Gozal, D; Hopkins, RO; Kress, J; Maze, M; Needham, DM; Pandharipande, P; Riker, R; Sessler, DI; Shafer, SL; Shehabi, Y; Spies, C; Sun, LS; Tung, A; Urman, RD
2014-12-04Expert consensus and recommendations on safety criteria for active mobilization of mechanically ventilated critically ill adultsHodgson, CL; Stiller, K; Needham, DM; Tipping, CJ; Harrold, M; Baldwin, CE; Bradley, S; Berney, S; Caruana, LR; Elliott, D; Green, M; Haines, K; Higgins, AM; Kaukonen, KM; Leditschke, IA; Nickels, MR; Paratz, J; Patman, S; Skinner, EH; Young, PJ; Zanni, JM; Denehy, L; Webb, SA