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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01A household case evidences shorter shedding of SARS-CoV-2 in naturally infected cats compared to their human ownersNeira, V; Brito, B; Agüero, B; Berrios, F; Valdés, V; Gutierrez, A; Ariyama, N; Espinoza, P; Retamal, P; Holmes, EC; Gonzalez-Reiche, AS; Khan, Z; van de Guchte, A; Dutta, J; Miorin, L; Kehrer, T; Galarce, N; Almonacid, LI; Levican, J; van Bakel, H; García-Sastre, A; Medina, RA
2021Case Report: First Report and Phylogenetic Analysis of Porcine Astroviruses in Chile.Flores, C; Ariyama, N; Bennett, B; Mena, J; Verdugo, C; Mor, S; Brito, B; Ramírez-Toloza, G; Neira, V
2017-07-01Epidemiological investigations of the introduction of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in Chile, 2013-2015Neira, V; Brito, B; Mena, J; Culhane, M; Apel, MI; Max, V; Perez, P; Moreno, V; Mathieu, C; Johow, M; Badia, C; Torremorell, M; Medina, R; Ortega, R
2020-07First report of porcine respirovirus 1 in South America.Agüero, B; Mena, J; Berrios, F; Tapia, R; Salinas, C; Dutta, J; van Bakel, H; Mor, SK; Brito, B; Medina, RA; Neira, V
2022Genetic Characterization of a Novel Bovine Rotavirus A G37P[52] Closely Related to Human Strains.Singh, VK; Neira, V; Brito, B; Ariyama, N; Sturos, M; Mor, SK
2019-01-01H7N6 low pathogenic avian influenza outbreak in commercial turkey farms in Chile caused by a native South American LineageMathieu, C; Gonzalez, A; Garcia, A; Johow, M; Badia, C; Jara, C; Nuñez, P; Neira, V; Montiel, NA; Killian, ML; Brito, BP
2017-12-01Identification of a divergent genotype of equine arteritis virus from South American donkeysRivas, J; Neira, V; Mena, J; Brito, B; Garcia, A; Gutierrez, C; Sandoval, D; Ortega, R
2018-12-01Reemergence of H3N8 Equine Influenza A virus in Chile, 2018Mena, J; Brito, B; Moreira, R; Tadich, T; González, I; Cruces, J; Ortega, R; van Bakel, H; Rathnasinghe, R; Pizarro-Lucero, J; Medina, R; Neira, V
2021-07-20Ubiquitous influenza A virus in Chilean swine before the H1N1pdm09 introduction.Mena, J; Ariyama, N; Navarro, C; Quezada, M; Brevis, C; Rojas, D; Medina, RA; Brito, B; Ruiz, Á; Neira, V
2021Update of Genetic Diversity of Porcine Circovirus Type 2 in Chile Evidences the Emergence of PCV2d Genotype.Ariyama, N; Agüero, B; Valdés, V; Berrios, F; Bucarey, S; Mor, S; Brito, B; Neira, V