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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-11-05A cross-sectional description of the health characteristics of cognitively impaired older adults.Merrick, E; Shannon, K; Neville, S; Bail, K; Vorster, A; Fry, M
2022-04-01Asian Drinking Cultures in New Zealand: A Scoping ReviewAdams, J; Wong, G; Zhao, IY; Saravanakumar, P; Holroyd, E; Neville, S
2016-05-06Call to action: greater investment in the registered nurse role is required to improve care outcomes for dementia patients living in residential aged care and their familiesHickman, LD; Neville, S; Fischer, T; Davidson, PM; Phillips, JL
2019-09-03Challenges to the provision of clinical education in nursingSpence, D; Zambas, S; Mannix, J; Jackson, D; Neville, S
2019-09-02Characteristics of people with pressure ulcers using one year's routinely collected data in a defined diverse communityJackson, D; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Padula, WV; Usher, K; Gardner, S; Betteridge, R; Durrant, L
2016-12-01The condom imperative in anal sex – one size may not fit all: a qualitative descriptive study of men who have sex with menNeville, S; Adams, J; Moorley, C; Jackson, D
2018-01-01“Engaging in my rural community”: perceptions of people aged 85 years and overNeville, S; Adams, J; Napier, S; Shannon, K; Jackson, D
2022-11-21Harnessing the nursing and midwifery workforce to boost Australia's clinical research impact.Eckert, M; Rickard, CM; Forsythe, D; Baird, K; Finn, J; Gilkison, A; Gray, R; Homer, CS; Middleton, S; Neville, S; Whitehead, L; Sharplin, GR; Keogh, S
2017-05-04Health service provision and the use of pressure-redistributing devices: mixed methods study of community dwelling individuals with pressure injuriesJackson, D; Durrant, L; Bishop, E; Walthall, H; Betteridge, R; Gardner, S; Coulton, W; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Davidson, PM; Usher, K
2022-10-22Holding on and letting go: Views about filial piety among adult children living in New Zealand.Montayre, J; Saravanakumar, P; Zhao, I; Holroyd, E; Adams, J; Neville, S
2016-09-01An integrative review of the factors related to building age-friendly rural communitiesNeville, S; Napier, S; Adams, J; Wham, C; Jackson, D
2020-07International Nurses Day 2020: Remembering nurses who have died in the COVID-19 pandemic.Jackson, D; Bradbury-Jones, C; Baptiste, D; Gelling, L; Morin, KH; Neville, S; Smith, GD
2017-01-01Investigation into ethylene oxide treatment and residuals on DNA and downstream DNA analysisWilson-Wilde, L; Yakovchyts, D; Neville, S; Maynard, P; Gunn, P
2014-01-01Is postgraduate education a luxury or necessity for professional nurses: A trans-tasman perspectiveHickman, LD; Mannix, J; Neville, S
2020-03-25Life in the pandemic: Some reflections on nursing in the context of COVID-19.Jackson, D; Bradbury-Jones, C; Baptiste, D; Gelling, L; Morin, K; Neville, S; Smith, GD
2016-05-06Living in your own home and being socially connected at 95 years and beyond: a qualitative studyNeville, S; Russell, J; Adams, J; Jackson, D
2018-08-01Living with multiple losses: Insights from patients living with pressure injuryJackson, DE; Durrant, LA; Hutchinson, M; Ballard, CA; Neville, S; Usher, K
2023-09Midwife led randomised controlled trials in Australia and New Zealand: A scoping review.Homer, C; Neylon, K; Kennedy, K; Baird, K; Gilkison, A; Keogh, S; Middleton, S; Gray, R; Whitehead, L; Finn, J; Rickard, C; Sharplin, G; Neville, S; Eckert, M
2022-10-01Nurse- and midwife-led trials in Australia and New Zealand: Scoping review protocolFish, JA; Rickard, CM; Gray, R; Middleton, S; Homer, C; Keogh, S; Leslie, G; Nemeh, F; Neville, S; Sharplin, G; Whitehead, L; Yates, P; Eckert, M
2017-12-01Pain associated with pressure injury: A qualitative study of community-based, home-dwelling individualsJackson, D; Durrant, L; Bishop, E; Walthall, H; Betteridge, R; Gardner, S; Coulton, W; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Davidson, PM; Usher, K