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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12-01‘Are you sure you’re going to have another one of those?’: A qualitative analysis of the social control and social support models in type 2 diabetesNewton-John, TRO; Ventura, AD; Mosely, K; Browne, JL; Speight, J
2020-03-03Being a teenager and cancer patient: What do adolescents and young adults with cancer find valuable and challenging with their friends and cancer peers?Kaluarachchi, T; McDonald, F; Patterson, P; Newton-John, TRO
2019-04-03Comparisons and associations between personality, creative potential and achievement in creative, non-creative and early psychosis participantsCrabtree, J; Newton-John, TRO
2017-01-01A content review of cognitive process measures used in pain research within adult populationsDay, MA; Lang, CP; Newton-John, TRO; Ehde, DM; Jensen, MP
-Development and validation of the Pain-induced Comfort Eating Scale in a Chronic Pain sampleBurton, AL; O’Loughlin, I; Rogers, K; Newton-John, TRO
2019-09-01‘Dis-comfort eating’: An investigation into the use of food as a coping strategy for the management of chronic painO'Loughlin, I; Newton-John, TRO
2019Feasibility evaluation of a pain self-management app-based intervention among older people living with arthritic pain: study protocol.Bhattarai, P; Newton-John, TRO; Phillips, JL
2019-07-01Is ignorance bliss, or is knowledge power? When cancer healthcare professionals become cancer patientsLagad, A; Hodgkinson, K; Newton-John, TRO
2014-09-01Negotiating the Maze: Risk Factors for Suicidal Behavior in Chronic Pain PatientsNewton-John, TRO
2012-03-01Pain management in the context of workers compensation: A case studyNewton-John, TRO; McDonald, AJ
2018-01-01The pain-related cognitive processes questionnaire: Development and validationDay, MA; Charles Ward, L; Thorn, BE; Lang, CP; Newton-John, TRO; Ehde, DM; Jensen, MP
2020-02-13Parent cognitive, behavioural, and affective factors and their relation to child pain and functioning in pediatric chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Donnelly, TJ; Palermo, TM; Newton-John, TRO
2018-03-01Predictors of Adult Retention in HIV Care: A Systematic ReviewBulsara, SM; Wainberg, ML; Newton-John, TRO
2022-01-01Psychosocial factors and quality of life in HIVMendonca, CJ; Newton-John, TRO; Bulsara, SM
2018-03-01Quality and usability of arthritic pain self-management apps for older adults: A systematic reviewBhattarai, P; Newton-John, TRO; Phillips, JL
2022-07-13Quality of Life of People Living with HIV in Australia: The Role of Stigma, Social Disconnection and Mental Health.Mendonca, CJ; Newton-John, TRO; Alperstein, DM; Begley, K; Hennessy, RM; Bulsara, SM
2019-10-01Retention in hiv care in Australia: The perspectives of clinicians and clients, and the impact of medical and psychosocial comorbidityBulsara, SM; Wainberg, ML; Audet, CM; Newton-John, TRO
2014-01-01The role of resilience in adjustment and coping with chronic painNewton-John, TRO; Mason, C; Hunter, M
2021-02-12Sexual Difficulties in the Population with Musculoskeletal Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review.Katz, H; Newton-John, TRO; Shires, A
2015-03-12Temporomandibular disordersDurham, J; Newton-John, TRO; Zakrzewska, JM