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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-25Blockchain and stackelberg game model for roaming fraud prevention and profit maximizationNguyen, C; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Pham, HA; Nguyen, H; Dutkiewicz, E
2021-01-01BlockRoam: Blockchain-based Roaming Management System for Future Mobile NetworksNguyen, C; Nguyen, D; Dinh, HT; Pham, AH; Huynh, NT; Xiao, Y; Dutkiewicz, E
2013-08-12Dynamic behaviour of flexible facade systems in tall buildings subjected to wind loadsAzad, A; Samali, B; Ngo, T; Nguyen, C
2020-05-02Enabling and Emerging Technologies for Social Distancing during Pandemics like COVID-19: A Comprehensive SurveyNguyen, C; Saputra, Y; Nguyen, H; Nguyen, T; Tran, K; Bui, T; Nguyen, D; Dinh, H; Vu, T; Dutkiewicz, E; Chatzinotas, S; Ottersten, B
2004-12-01Implementation of a quality of service feedback control loop on programmable routersNguyen, C; Hoang, DB; Zhao, IL; Lavian, T
2003-12-01Multi-level caching with delayed-multicast for video-on-demandNguyen, C; Hoang, DB; Symvonis, A
2020-11Redundancy and multifunctionality among spinal locomotor networks.Pham, BN; Luo, J; Anand, H; Kola, O; Salcedo, P; Nguyen, C; Gaunt, S; Zhong, H; Garfinkel, A; Tillakaratne, N; Edgerton, VR
2020-05Software-Defined Virtual Sensors for Provisioning IoT Services on DemandNguyen, C; Hoang, D
2023-01The association between multimorbidity and osteoporosis investigation and treatment in high-risk fracture patients in Australia: A prospective cohort study.Bliuc, D; Tran, T; Chen, W; Alarkawi, D; Alajlouni, DA; Blyth, F; March, L; Ensrud, KE; Blank, RD; Center, JR; Nguyen, C
2019-01-01Time-based pulmonary features from electrical impedance tomography demonstrate ventilation heterogeneity in chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseMilne, S; Huvanandana, J; Nguyen, C; Duncan, JM; Chapman, DG; Tonga, KO; Zimmermann, SC; Slattery, A; King, GG; Thamrin, C
2004-09-21Video-on-demand based on delayed-multicast: Algorithmic supportGlinos, N; Hoang, DB; Nguyen, C; Symvonis, A