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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-01Atomic Use Case as a Concept to Support the MDE Approach to Web Application DevelopmentNguyen, K; Dillon, TS; Koch, N; Vallecillo, A; Rossi, G
2022-11Current state of play for HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancers.Deutsch, F; Regina Bullen, I; Nguyen, K; Tran, N-H; Elliott, M; Tran, N
2024-05-13Decentralized multi-phase formation control for cattle herdingNguyen, K; Alempijevic, A; Paul, G
2023-12-04Enhancing the Intuitiveness of Remote Mobile Industrial Robots with Haptic DevicesChaisumdet, D; Nguyen, K; Le, T; Sutjipto, S; Rizvi, D; Paul, G
2023-12-04HALO: a Rock Scaling Mobile Manipulator with Interactive Virtual Reality Live Digital TwinLe, T; Sutjipto, S; Nguyen, K; Vu, TL; Munasinghe, N; Paul, G
2022-05-03Implementation science in adolescent healthcare research: an integrative review.Zolfaghari, E; Armaghanian, N; Waller, D; Medlow, S; Hobbs, A; Perry, L; Nguyen, K; Steinbeck, K
2018-07-01Integrated intelligent water-energy metering systems and informatics: Visioning a digital multi-utility service providerStewart, RA; Nguyen, K; Beal, C; Zhang, H; Sahin, O; Bertone, E; Vieira, AS; Castelletti, A; Cominola, A; Giuliani, M; Giurco, D; Blumenstein, M; Turner, A; Liu, A; Kenway, S; Savić, DA; Makropoulos, C; Kossieris, P
2018-06-01Interaction of N-terminal peptide analogues of the Na<sup>+</sup>,K<sup>+</sup>-ATPase with membranesNguyen, K; Garcia, A; Sani, MA; Diaz, D; Dubey, V; Clayton, D; Dal Poggetto, G; Cornelius, F; Payne, RJ; Separovic, F; Khandelia, H; Clarke, RJ
2020-01-01Next Generation Machine Learning for Urban Water ManagementNguyen, K; Stewart, R; Zhang, H; Giurco, D; Blumenstein, M; Rahim, S
2015-01-01Pattern recognition based on time series analysis using vibration data for structural health monitoring in civil structuresMustapha, S; Hu, Y; Nguyen, K; Alamdari, MM; Runcie, P; Dackermann, U; Nguyen, VV; Li, J; Ye, L
2014-10-22Structural health monitoring in civil structures based on the time series analysisMustapha, S; Nguyen, K; Runcie, P; Hu, Y; Dackermann, U; Nguyen, VV; Li, J; Ye, L; Kotze, RK