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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01AVATAR - Machine Learning Pipeline Evaluation Using Surrogate ModelNguyen, TD; Maszczyk, T; Musial, K; Zöller, MA; Gabrys, B
2011-01Brand loyalty in emerging marketsNguyen, TD; Barrett, NJ; Miller, K
2022-01-01Converting biomass of agrowastes and invasive plant into alternative materials for water remediationNguyen, TTH; Nguyen, XC; Nguyen, DLT; Nguyen, DD; Vo, TYB; Vo, QN; Nguyen, TD; Ly, QV; Ngo, HH; Vo, DVN; Nguyen, TP; Kim, IT; Van Le, Q
-Discrete-time sliding mode control for a class of underactuated mechanical systems with bounded disturbancesNguyen, TD
2020-02-15Heterogeneous catalyst ozonation of Direct Black 22 from aqueous solution in the presence of metal slags originating from industrial solid wastesHien, NT; Nguyen, LH; Van, HT; Nguyen, TD; Nguyen, THV; Chu, THH; Nguyen, TV; Trinh, VT; Vu, XH; Aziz, KHH
2006-12-01Information internalisation and internationalisation-Evidence from Vietnamese firmsNguyen, TD; Barrett, NJ; Fletcher, R
2006-07-03The knowledge-creating role of the internet in international business: Evidence from vietnamNguyen, TD; Barrett, NJ
2021-12-29Single-step removal of arsenite ions from water through oxidation-coupled adsorption using Mn/Mg/Fe layered double hydroxide as catalyst and adsorbent.Nguyen, TH; Tran, HN; Nguyen, TV; Vigneswaran, S; Trinh, VT; Nguyen, TD; Ha Nguyen, TH; Mai, TN; Chao, H-P
2014Time-delay systems : stability, sliding mode control and state estimationNguyen, TD
2014Using Signals to Initiate Importer-Exporter Relationships: Evidence from Vietnamese ImportersNguyen, MT; Barrett, NJ; Nguyen, TD