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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-20A pilot forecasting system for epidemic thunderstorm asthma in south-eastern AustraliaBannister T; Ebert EE; Silver J; Newbigin E; Lampugnani ER; Hughes N; Looker C; Mulvenna V; Jones PJ; Davies JM; Suphioglu C; Beggs PJ; Emmerson KM; Huete A; Nguyen H; Williams T; Douglas P; Wain A; Carroll M; Csutoros D
2020-05-25Blockchain and stackelberg game model for roaming fraud prevention and profit maximizationNguyen C; Nguyen D; Dinh H; Pham HA; Nguyen H; Dutkiewicz E
2020-05-25Collaborative learning model for cyberattack detection systems in IoT industry 4.0Tran VK; Saputra Y; Dinh H; Nguyen LT; Nguyen D; Nguyen H; Dutkiewicz E
2020-05-25Defeating smart and reactive jammers with unlimited powerNguyen H; Dinh H; Nguyen D; Dutkiewicz E; Mueck M
2020-05-02Enabling and Emerging Technologies for Social Distancing during Pandemics like COVID-19: A Comprehensive SurveyNguyen C; Saputra Y; Nguyen H; Nguyen T; Tran K; Bui T; Nguyen D; Dinh H; Vu T; Dutkiewicz E; Chatzinotas S; Ottersten B
2020-01-30Fairwater Living Laboratory Milestone 2 ReportThomas L; Wyndham J; Huete A; Woods A; Tran N; Runck M; Nguyen H; Wilkinson S; Biloria N; Dwyer S
2020-08-01Seasonal comparisons of Himawari-8 AHI and MODIS vegetation indices over latitudinal australian grassland sitesTran NN; Huete A; Nguyen H; Grant I; Miura T; Ma X; Lyapustin A; Wang Y; Ebert E
2020-08-04Solving the k-dominating set problem on very large-scale networksNguyen H; Ha H; Nguyen D