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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-07Contribution of the construction phase to environmental impacts of the wastewater treatment plant.Nguyen TKL; Ngo HH; Guo W; Chang SW; Nguyen DD; Nguyen TV; Nghiem DL
2020-06-11Iron and zirconium modified luffa fibre as an effective bioadsorbent to remove arsenic from drinking water.Nguyen TTQ; Loganathan P; Nguyen TV; Vigneswaran S; Ngo HH
2019-11New Guidelines for Data Reporting and Statistical Analysis: Helping Authors With Transparency and Rigor in Research.Nguyen TV; Rivadeneira F; Civitelli R
2019-07Nocturnal Hypoglycemia Detection using EEG Spectral Moments under Natural Occurrence Conditions.Ngo CQ; Chai R; Nguyen TV; Jones TW; Nguyen HT
2019-07Nocturnal Hypoglycemia Detection using Optimal Bayesian Algorithm in an EEG Spectral Moments Based System.Ngo CQ; Chai R; Nguyen TV; Jones TW; Nguyen HT
2020-02-27Phosphate Adsorption by Silver Nanoparticles-Loaded Activated Carbon derived from Tea Residue.Trinh VT; Nguyen TMP; Van HT; Hoang LP; Nguyen TV; Ha LT; Vu XH; Pham TT; Nguyen TN; Quang NV; Nguyen XC
2019-11Reduced Bone Loss Is Associated With Reduced Mortality Risk in Subjects Exposed to Nitrogen Bisphosphonates: A Mediation Analysis.Bliuc D; Tran T; van Geel T; Adachi JD; Berger C; van den Bergh J; Eisman JA; Geusens P; Goltzman D; Hanley DA; Josse R; Kaiser S; Kovacs CS; Langsetmo L; Prior JC; Nguyen TV; Center JR; CaMOS Research Group
2020-07Treatment of biologically treated landfill leachate with forward osmosis: Investigating membrane performance and cleaning protocolsIbrar I; Yadav S; Altaee A; Samal AK; Zhou JL; Nguyen TV; Ganbat N
2019-04-05Two-thirds of all fractures are not attributable to osteoporosis and advancing age: implication for fracture prevention.Mai HT; Tran TS; Ho-Le TP; Center JR; Eisman JA; Nguyen TV