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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2016Embroidered Active Microwave Composite Preimpregnated Electronics-PregtronicsBaum, TC; Ziolkowski, RW; Ghorbani, K; Nicholson, KJ
19-Dec-2017Investigation of a conformal amplifier embedded in an aerospace composite structureBaum, TC; Ziolkowski, RW; Ghorbani, K; Nicholson, KJ
9-Aug-2016Investigation of microwave active elements embedded in composite structuresBaum, TC; Ghorbani, K; Ziolkowski, RW; Nicholson, KJ
1-Aug-2017Investigations of a Load-Bearing Composite Electrically Small Egyptian Axe Dipole AntennaBaum, TC; Ziolkowski, RW; Ghorbani, K; Nicholson, KJ
4-Apr-2016Metamaterial-inspired electrically small antennas integrated into structural materialsNicholson, KJ; Baum, TC; Ghorbani, K; Ziolkowski, RW
16-Mar-2016Microwave Doppler tomography of high impedance ground planes for aerospace applicationsNicholson, KJ; Baum, T; Ghorbani, K; Ziolkowski, RW
16-Mar-2016Multi-functional composite metamaterial-inspired EEAD antenna for structural applicationsBaum, TC; Ghorbani, K; Galehdar, A; Nicholson, KJ; Ziolkowski, RW
14-Nov-2017Passive and active metamaterial-inspired radiating and scattering systems integrated into structural composite materialsBaum, TC; Nicholson, KJ; Ghorbani, K; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Jun-2018Tomographic Characterization of a Multifunctional Composite High-Impedance SurfaceNicholson, KJ; Baum, TC; Ziolkowski, RW; Ghorbani, K; Bain, G
20-Nov-2018Towards Carbon Based Artificial Impedance Surfaces for Conformal Aerospace ApplicationsTodd, A; Baum, TC; Nicholson, KJ; Ziolkowski, RW; Ghorbani, K