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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-01Calibration and precise orientation determination of a gun barrel for agriculture and forestry work using a high-precision total stationLiu, J; Khan, TU; Nie, Z; Yu, Q; Feng, Z
-Change-Point Analysis of Precipitation and Drought Extremes in China over the Past 50 YearsLiu, M; Liu, P; Guo, Y; Wang, Y; Geng, X; Nie, Z; Yu, Y
2019-04-01Circularly Polarized Multibeam Antenna Array of ME Dipole Fed by 5 × 6 Butler MatrixGong, RJ; Ban, YL; Lian, JW; Liu, Y; Nie, Z
2018-10-01Compact 2-D scanning multibeam array utilizing the SIW Three-Way couplers at 28 GHzLian, JW; Ban, YL; Zhu, JQ; Kang, K; Nie, Z
2019-03-01Dual-layer SIW multibeam pillbox antenna with reduced sidelobe levelYan, SP; Zhao, MH; Ban, YL; Lian, JW; Nie, Z
2021-09-01Efficient Synthesis of Linearly Polarized Shaped Patterns Using Iterative FFT via Vectorial Least-Square Active Element Pattern ExpansionBai, J; Liu, Y; Ren, Y; Nie, Z; Guo, YJ
2019-01-01Facile synthesis of: Camellia oleifera shell-derived hard carbon as an anode material for lithium-ion batteriesMa, B; Huang, Y; Nie, Z; Qiu, X; Su, D; Wang, G; Yuan, J; Xie, X; Wu, Z
2018-02-26Iron-Doped NiCoP Porous Nanosheet Arrays as a Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution ReactionZhang, Q; Yan, D; Nie, Z; Qiu, X; Wang, S; Yuan, J; Su, D; Wang, G; Wu, Z
2020-05-01Millimeter-Wave Multibeam Antenna Based on Folded C-Type SIWSun, Q; Ban, YL; Lian, JW; Liu, Y; Nie, Z
2019-07-01A Useful Methodology to Convert the Smartphone Metal Cover into an Antenna Booster for NFC ApplicationsZhu, JQ; Ban, YL; Xu, RM; Lian, JW; Sim, CYD; Zhang, Y; Nie, Z