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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122012 Australian Census of Women in LeadershipEOWA, EOFWITWA; Clarke, T; Nielsen, BB; Nielsen, S; Klettner, AL; Boersma, M
Jan-2009Adaptive strategy making : The effects of emergent and intended strategy modesAndersen, TJ; Nielsen, BB
Jan-2010Collaborative capability in R&D alliances: exploring the link between organisational- and individual-level factorsKnudsen, LG; Nielsen, BB
Jan-2007Determining international strategic alliance performance: A multidimensional approachNielsen, BB
Jan-2013Dynamic capabilities and performance: strategy, structure and environmentWilden, RM; Gudergan, S; Nielsen, BB; Lings, IN
Jan-2007Equity versus non-equity international strategic alliances involving Danish firms: An empirical investigation of the relative importance of partner and host country determinantsGloberman, S; Nielsen, BB
Jan-2012Exploration And Exploitation Fit And Performance In International Strategic AlliancesNielsen, BB; Gudergan, S
Jan-2013Global Cities And Multinational Enterprise Location StrategyGoerzen, A; Asmussen, C; Nielsen, BB
Jan-2007Knowledge management systems in multinational corporations : Typology and transitional dynamicsNielsen, BB; Michailova, S
Jan-2009Learning and innovation in international strategic alliances : An empirical test of the role of trust and tacitnessNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S
Jan-2006MNCs and knowledge management : A typology and key featuresMichailova, S; Nielsen, BB
Jan-2010A multilevel approach to understanding the multinationality-performance relationshipNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S; Devinney, T; Pedersen, T; Tihanyl, L
Jan-2011The role of top management team international orientation in international strategic decision-making: The choice of foreign entry modeNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S
Jan-2010Strategic fit, contractual, and procedural governance in alliancesNielsen, BB
Jan-2013Top Management Team Nationality Diversity And Firm Performance: A Multilevel StudyNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S